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An ode to love, loss and new beginnings, poignant and cuttingly insightful, Love Loss and Awakening will leave no heart untouched.

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Love, Loss and Awakening Family Secrets - Donna  M Zadunajsky

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Most assuredly a novel many science fictions fans will want to add to their must-read list, Firing Of The Crucible proves an original and ambitious debut with much promise, especially with Shaffer's intriguing first contact premise.

How To Understand And Adapt

To A Changing World.

Profound and intelligently presented, it is hard to imagine anyone reading The Earth Experience and not  approaching life with renewed vigour as  Hunter presents a view that is both original and refreshingly devoid of trite and abstract complexity


The Passion and Madness of Fishing.

It doesn't have twists - it has hairpin bends!

A high octane biomedical thriller where the pace rarely wanes, Bickerstaff returns with Deadly Secrets and it’s sure to be met with approval by his many followers. The first release in his new Gavin Shawlens series Bickerstaff knows how to build suspense  and deliver a truly powerful narrative.

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"The best book reviews are the ones that get into the mind of its author"

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Compelling Contemporary Romance

A wonderful balance of sentimentality, reflection and discovery, Letters To Strabo might well be Smith's best release to date. An insightful and beautifully penned coming of age novel, he creates a rare sense immediacy as he writes, his characters imbued with a certain vibrancy that elevates them beyond their time and place as he brings them vividly to life.

Unleashing the  power of the classics.

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Author Email Marketing. Seperating the facts from fiction

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There’s one truth we are loathed to admit. Book reviews no longer sell books like they used to! It‘s a bold statement that needs quantifying and of course there are exceptions, but in the main this post is aimed at the 95% of traditionally published and indie published authors who struggle to get more than a handful of reviews for their books.

Reviews That Make Bestsellers

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A gripping Paranormal Romance novel

Taking her karmic theme to another level, Tough Karma is a fine example of what makes the  Paranormal Romance genre so appealing. Turn the pages of Simmons latest novel and you will find yourself in the hands of a natural storyteller who creates absorbing and highly engaging storylines and a writer who is unafraid to explore the boundaries of her imagination.


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Unless you have been on a desert island for the last 10 years you can’t log on to Twitter or Facebook without finding an author tweeting about their latest book. Readers will often make purchasing decisions based upon the strength of a post and it’s rare for an author to make it into the spotlight on the strength of a book alone.

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Increasing Book Sales Using Social Media

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Discover how Mind Map Mandala’s

can help you achieve your goals.

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It is easy to get bogged down by problems, which in turn cloud our thinking process, making it even more difficult for us to surmount difficult situations. Would it not be wonderful if we had a tool, which could help raise our level of thinking, which would allow solutions to emerge from within us?

Literary prizes will stimulate sales, but first and foremost should reward great writing.

To simply ask authors if they favour paying for professional book reviews would add little value. We wanted to dig a little deeper and find a correlation between paid book reviews and increased book sales and with an author mailing list of over 25,000 we are reasonably well placed to ask the most pertinent questions.

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Should Authors Pay For Book Reviews.


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The Ultimate Whodunit Novel!

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Stokes has created a wonderful literary catch for his fellow  fishing enthusiasts with plenty of Trout fishing tips but as he himself points out, we all understand that fishing is not really about catching fish. He knows that the nuances in any life are more often than not arbitrary and herein lies the allure of Trout Friends and Other Riff-Raff.

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Success as an author means creating the right foundations for a book to go viral.  Despite a plethora of ‘guru’s’ who are happy to help authors part with their money, going viral in the real context of the word should be an aspiration, never a given, but you can load the odds in your favour.

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Creating The Foundations For Viral Book Sales.

Reading the classics, to our children, can be some of the most memorable and meaningful times we can have with them but times do change. Timely and powerfully poignant. Pathan reminds us of the need to safeguard the reading of children's classic literature or risk depriving our young readers of the wealth of knowledge, enjoyment and sense of heritage to be gained from them.

2016 book award Millenium Book Award smaller Live Life Colorfully Deadly Secrets

Compelling Science Fiction

from an exciting new author in the genre.

The Earth Experience

Vibrant and compelling, author VL Towler brandishes her pen with unabashed flair as  she admirably declines to serve up the archetypal forensic fiction found in the majority of police procedurals, eschewing the tedium of less imaginative works to take her readers on an intriguing journey that challenges racial and cultural stereotypes.


There is an overwhelming tendency in indie publishing for authors to follow trends and no better example than in the building and growing of powerful mailing lists. However, a surprisingly low 43% of authors rate email marketing as a major contributor to overall book sells. We look at the reasons why and identify the mistakes that can lead to lost book sales.


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The Best Book Award in 2017 from one the most popular book review sites on the web. Firing Of The Crucible Trout Friends & Other Riff Raff TK Cover Cropped

Writing Detective stories can be deadly!


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A welcome throwback to the days of intriguing murder mysteries that didn’t rely on sex and violence to disguise thinly veiled plots, Missing Alibi proves a welcome sequel to A K Lakelett's Remember Me. A timely and classic blend of suspense laced with one twist after another it’s one of those rare offerings that actually encourages the reader to solve the crime.

Missing Alibi

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A  highly original and addictive thriller

A story of fascinating scope and suspense, other writers labour long and hard to achieve the fevered intrigue that comes so naturally to David Lake and there’s no mistaking that his novel Tears Of Glass is one of a kind.  Hands down it is one of the best novels you will read this year.


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