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The stage is set for tribalism and

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"The best book reviews are the ones that get into the mind of its author"

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Finding the I in Team

A hunger for quick fixes and magic bullets have given many self-appointed gurus the opportunity to make millions from their books but don’t confuse these with Dr. Smiths offering. Rich in detail and thought-provoking reflections he shares many personal anecdotes as he explores our individual advantages, how to leverage them to help ourselves and equally as important the lives of those around us.


Become A Bestseller By Writing What You Know About!

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There’s one truth we are loathed to admit. Book reviews no longer sell books like they used to! It‘s a bold statement that needs quantifying and of course there are exceptions, but in the main this post is aimed at the 95% of traditionally published and indie published authors who struggle to get more than a handful of reviews for their books.

Reviews That Make Bestsellers

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A collection of miniature marvels, A Bigger Piece Of Blue might be a debut release for Dan T Cox but the quality and originality of his stories are simply superb. The short story is a slippery genre and hard to master but Cox is proof that this splintered genre is as vibrant and dynamic as ever with his prose exploring such disparate topics as anguish, fear, joy, love and the search for meaning in our lives.

Unless you have been on a desert island for the last 10 years you can’t log on to Twitter or Facebook without finding an author tweeting about their latest book. Readers will often make purchasing decisions based upon the strength of a post and it’s rare for an author to make it into the spotlight on the strength of a book alone.

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Increase Book Sales & Beat The Competition Using Social Media

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Timothy Williams must survive to save our souls!

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Literary prizes will stimulate sales, but first and foremost should reward great writing.

To simply ask authors if they favour paying for professional book reviews would add little value. We wanted to dig a little deeper and find a correlation between paid book reviews and increased book sales and with an author mailing list of over 25,000 we are reasonably well placed to ask the most pertinent questions.

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Should Authors Pay For Book Reviews.


Technology can save us.

It can also kill us all if we're not careful!

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Success as an author means creating the right foundations for a book to go viral.  Despite a plethora of ‘guru’s’ who are happy to help authors part with their money, going viral in the real context of the word should be an aspiration, never a given, but you can load the odds in your favour.

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Creating The Foundations For Viral Book Sales.

A new character, a new series and Buenafe seems set to build on the success of Ferdie and The Seven with the release of his superb high concept superhero novel Singular. Nanotechnology has become a popular theme in science fiction and the superhero universe but it takes something special to really stand out and Buenafe has this covered with Singular proving a concept with endless possibilities.

Should writers write what they know about or has this age-old sage piece of advice become something of a cliché. Of course, every question solicits a multitude of answers but this is one that would benefit from a little perspective.On cursory reflection, it might seem an easy thing to do and yet so many authors miss the mark. Find out why by reading the full post now........3

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A Calculating Cold-blooded

Predator Closes In!

Confident, with a bustling plot and a protagonist in Chip Palmer who is both original and appealing, this is a worthy follow-up to Chase’s excellent Body Of The Crime. Being an accomplished Criminologist, Chase has plenty of resources to draw on to masterfully control the flow of information whilst her ability to handle tension always makes for intelligent page-turners.

Jaytanie At Her Very Best!

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Self-discovery is still a common theme in literary fiction and yet so few authors deliver it with the pacing of a great thriller or the panache of Parker McCoy. He doesn’t reinvent the wheel or revolutionize the genre but in many ways Thinking Me Dead is a remarkable debut and in no small way down to a clutch of superb characters.

Can Shooter return from the darkness

of the human soul?

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An Exciting New Voice In Short Fiction.

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Everyone has a different agenda..........

A riveting military romance tale that quickly cranks up a full head of steam, Salvaging Truth delivers a compelling sense of adventure and a sure footed plot with Jaytanie  careful not to sacrifice pace for superfluous detail. Fans of her previous releases can rightly expect dramatic locations, ruthless villains and harrowing escapades!

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A tale told through the eyes of Sallee and the answers she solicits from Ethel, Morony delivers a masterful narrative that is beguiling, flawlessly executed and proves a fine example of New Historical Fiction. With a meticulous ear for dialogue, Morony’s diction is simply exquisite.

Apron Strings

Southern Historical Fiction At Its Very Best

Cognition might be the debut release from Jacques St-Malo but he writes with the acerbic pen of a seasoned bestseller. Taking evolving sciences to builds a future world that whilst far from dystopian is none the less alarming as Ethan and Valerie find their destinies converging.


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Graye always brings a powerful sense of visual energy and imagination to her stories and The Victoria Lie is no exception. Writing with a refreshing sense of directness her characters seem real and plausible after only a few words. Each being uniformly strong whilst neatly sidestepping the curse of cliché to make them both original and highly endearing.


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Scene of crime

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An absorbing and smart read Oliver reminds us that when done right, the moral and political quandaries of an espionage thriller can make for intensely dramatic and highly entertaining escapism. With accelerating plot twists that are more than just surprises delivered by rote, he creates both suspense and an emotional impact with plenty of appealingly classic qualities

Parker McCoy Duty And Betrayal Singular Find The I In Team Cover TM Cognition

An amalgamation of everything that is universally loved by young adult fantasy readers Timothy Williams Demon Hunter reminds us why the genre remains so popular. A full-on teenage adventure, Long spins his debut yarn in truly engaging prose, his plot both original, humorous and of course highly imaginative too!

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