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The one Christmas Classic You Must Read To Your Children!

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Original in thought and execution, Underneath - A Merfolk Tale proves an extraordinary debut from Arzu. With a dramatic narrative that whips along at a cracking pace, she weaves a plot of enthralling intricacy, her descriptive prowess painting scenes that are both compelling and immersive.

Evil consumes and leaves nothing untouched.

How far would you go to protect

the people you love most?

Remaining true to the classic terrain of the genre Drago has created a dark, brooding narrative filled with the macabre and a prevailing sense of unthinkable danger that maintains suspense from beginning to end.


There are many branches on a tree.

But they all stem from the same root.


Together they will grow into a

World Wide Defense!

Delivering inventiveness and depth 'The Origin of F.O.R.C.E is sure to keep readers glued to Miller’s plot. Involving, fast-paced and interwoven with action It’s hard not to be impressed by his descriptions and application of technology to create not just atmosphere to his story but a pervading sense of presence.

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A journey of adventure, friendship,

brotherhood, life and love.

"The best book reviews are the ones that get into the mind of its author"


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A highly enjoyable and plucky read from the start, there’s a lot to like about The Speaking Ghost Of Rajpur with plenty of forward momentum and a fluid narrative. Dasgupta certainly doesn’t hesitate in its telling as he quickly brings his characters to life. They are quirky, likeable and whilst genuine childhood comradery isn’t easy to  capture in words Dasgupta makes it seem effortless.

A Compelling Novel For Turbulent Times.

Riveting from beginning to end, Lords of Misrule does everything it’s supposed to do and more as Hirst delivers a genuine epic. Not one defined by a voluminous word count or an extraordinarily elaborate plot, but by the size of the ideas and visions that captivate from the very start.

What’s stronger? Free will or fate?

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Why do some books go viral while the vast majority fall flat? You might think it's about advertising. You might think it's about having a great book or an original idea that inflames the imagination of its readers, or you might think it's luck, but what is it  that really drives people to talk about and share the books they have read.

The Winning Formula For Increasing Book Sales

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There’s one truth we are loathed to admit. Book reviews no longer sell books like they used to! It‘s a bold statement that needs quantifying and of course there are exceptions, but in the main this post is aimed at the 95% of traditionally published and indie published authors who struggle to get more than a handful of reviews for their books.

Reviews That Make Bestsellers

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Brilliant to the last page!

Dragon lore, shape shifting and a world of enchantment make for fine reading in The Pygmy Dragon by bestselling author Marc Secchia. This is Secchia at his best, spinning a paranormal narrative that is beautiful and moving, with dynamic characters that will quickly find their place in the hearts and minds of his readers.


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Tragic, True & Undeniably Powerful.


A compelling family saga you will struggle to put down, it would be a cold heart that remained untouched by Greenfields Forever Torn. An extraordinary story of strength and resilience that spans the decades his characters are powerfully observed and so personal it’s like he’s opened a window to their souls, each one drawn with the greatest care and deliberation.

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Unless you have been on a desert island for the last 10 years you can’t log on to Twitter or Facebook without finding an author tweeting about their latest book. Readers will often make purchasing decisions based upon the strength of a post and it’s rare for an author to make it into the spotlight on the strength of a book alone.

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Increasing Book Sales Using Social Media

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For love. For war. For honor. For vengeance.

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A red-blooded epic, The Bulls Of War delivers a rousing, large-scale adventure that marks the best of its genre. To read it is to turn the last page and feel as though you have returned battle weary from another time. An ambitious debut that’s big on grandiose emotions like patriotism, treachery and love.

Literary prizes will stimulate sales, but first and foremost should reward great writing.

To simply ask authors if they favour paying for professional book reviews would add little value. We wanted to dig a little deeper and find a correlation between paid book reviews and increased book sales and with an author mailing list of over 25,000 we are reasonably well placed to ask the most pertinent questions.

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Should Authors Pay For Book Reviews.


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Discover how Mind Map Mandala’s

can help you achieve your goals.

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It is easy to get bogged down by problems, which in turn cloud our thinking process, making it even more difficult for us to surmount difficult situations. Would it not be wonderful if we had a tool, which could help raise our level of thinking, which would allow solutions to emerge from within us?

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Complex and ultimately heart-breaking, As I Lay Standing invites us to get past the moment and consider what the future might bring. Taking us beyond the fleeting connections of happenstance Mohntoh brings a sense of inevitability to his prose that makes his story into a genuine comment on life and the expectations we have.

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Success as an author means creating the right foundations for a book to go viral.  Despite a plethora of ‘guru’s’ who are happy to help authors part with their money, going viral in the real context of the word should be an aspiration, never a given, but you can load the odds in your favour.

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Creating The Foundations For Viral Book Sales.

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It’s incredibly important for authors and often neglected amidst the lure of Twitter, facebook and other social networking sites, but here’s the thing. Improving the organic visibility of your website will make a massive impact on the number of books an author sales.

Building Organic Book Sells For Long Term  Success

review image The Bulls of War Cover

Delivering another powerful and captivating post-apocalyptic vision, Shadow of the Coalition sees Jamie A Waters going from strength to strength with a nail biting novel that fans the embers of futuristic fiction and romance.

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