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5 stars Family Secrets - Donna  M Zadunajsky

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The Book Your Parents Would Never Let You Read!

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Seven hundred years ago a Dynasty died,

how far will China go to keep it dead?


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"The best book reviews are the ones that get into the mind of its author"

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A novel of ideas & a cautionary tale.

Science fiction has become an increasingly crowded genre but what was once the bastion of speculative fiction and rich in ideas about the future of human civilisation and our relationship with technology is now riddled with lacklustre offerings. The Measurements  Of Decay, however, harks back to the genre classics with K K Edin's debut release proving a truly exceptional read.


Author Email Marketing. Seperating the facts from fiction

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There’s one truth we are loathed to admit. Book reviews no longer sell books like they used to! It‘s a bold statement that needs quantifying and of course there are exceptions, but in the main this post is aimed at the 95% of traditionally published and indie published authors who struggle to get more than a handful of reviews for their books.

Reviews That Make Bestsellers

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A YA Fantasy novel that delivers inventiveness and originality, Ferdie and The Seven is sure to keep readers glued to Buenafe’s plot. A relatively quick read, with the obligatory twists and turns to keep the reader guessing, he’s not an author to obsess about details, giving us just enough to hold our attention whilst more importantly fanning the flames of our imagination.

Unless you have been on a desert island for the last 10 years you can’t log on to Twitter or Facebook without finding an author tweeting about their latest book. Readers will often make purchasing decisions based upon the strength of a post and it’s rare for an author to make it into the spotlight on the strength of a book alone.

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Increasing Book Sales Using Social Media

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A Calculating Cold-blooded Predator Closes In!

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Confident, with a bustling plot and a protagonist in Chip Palmer who is both original and appealing, this is a worthy follow-up to Chase’s excellent Body Of The Crime. Being an accomplished Criminologist, Chase has plenty of resources to draw on to masterfully control the flow of information whilst her ability to handle tension always makes for intelligent page-turners.

Literary prizes will stimulate sales, but first and foremost should reward great writing.

To simply ask authors if they favour paying for professional book reviews would add little value. We wanted to dig a little deeper and find a correlation between paid book reviews and increased book sales and with an author mailing list of over 25,000 we are reasonably well placed to ask the most pertinent questions.

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Should Authors Pay For Book Reviews.


A Mystery Thriller with  a Sprinkle of Fantasy

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Success as an author means creating the right foundations for a book to go viral.  Despite a plethora of ‘guru’s’ who are happy to help authors part with their money, going viral in the real context of the word should be an aspiration, never a given, but you can load the odds in your favour.

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Creating The Foundations For Viral Book Sales.

Self-centred, materialistic and living the good life Dean Harrison is a far throw from your stereotypical protagonist but in Lince's capable hands he proves a smart creation. A multi-genre read, The Whitby Trader – Room 119 is a debut novel that packs a powerful punch.


There is an overwhelming tendency in indie publishing for authors to follow trends and no better example than in the building and growing of powerful mailing lists. However, a surprisingly low 43% of authors rate email marketing as a major contributor to overall book sells. We look at the reasons why and identify the mistakes that can lead to lost book sales.

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Choose To Fight Your Way

Out Of The Darkness.

The statistics for those suffering with depression are sobering and Living With Depression proves both a timely and poignant read. An insightful compendium of reflections from Nick Weatherhogg that integrates personal and established medical interventions it combines the broader elements of self-help whilst recognising the world of difference between those who feel depressed and those who actually suffer from depression.

Jaytanie At Her Very Best!

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A riveting military romance tale that quickly cranks up a full head of steam, Salvaging Truth delivers a compelling sense of adventure and a sure footed plot with Jaytanie  careful not to sacrifice pace for superfluous detail. Fans of her previous releases can rightly expect dramatic locations, ruthless villains and harrowing escapades!

A sweeping look at the musical career of a fictional child pop star Bright Days and Dark proves a scorcher of a read. Compelling and smartly observational,  Wilson demonstrates an enviable ability to get beneath the veneer of his characters with pithy perspectives that make that all-important emotional connection with his readers.

 Taps and unlocks the essence of music.

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YA Fnatasy with an original twist!

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A powerful reflection on fate and coincidence

Life In A Box is one of those rare novels that works wonderfully on multiple levels. On one it simply tells an absorbing story whilst on another, it proves a powerful and insightful reflection on the influences of fate and coincidence in directing the course of our lives.

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A tale told through the eyes of Sallee and the answers she solicits from Ethel, Morony delivers a masterful narrative that is beguiling, flawlessly executed and proves a fine example of New Historical Fiction. With a meticulous ear for dialogue, Morony’s diction is simply exquisite.

Apron Strings

Southern Historical Fiction At Its Very Best

It is clear from the start of Brendan Le Grange’s Butterfly Hill that thriller fans are in for a treat. High octane, adrenalin-driven and bold, every chapter feels crisp and polished, but there's nothing extraneous here as Le Grange weaves a plot of genuine intrigue.


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Bringing a whole new perspective to the world’s foremost private research university Geeks and Greeks is the hilarious new graphic novel from Steve Altes & Andy Fish.


With broad appeal it's a must read for those who enjoy coming of age themed stories!

Step Into The World OF MIT!

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Share It With A Lover

With it's stunning handpainted cover, visually powerful, and poetically mesmerising, Myers elevates love and darkest desires to their proper place in the narratives we construct about why we love and yearn for the ones we do. Poems of lasting power, Evermore and Heathcliff's Soul, may well be the two most beautiful poems you will ever read. Share it with a lover, talk about it with a friend, and know you are never alone in the way you feel inside.

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