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The 2016 BookViral Book Award is now open for submissions.

First Prize a $3000 promotions award.

6 Shortlisted Finalists each receive a $500 promotions award.

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Conspiracy Thrillers

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Rock Romance

The 2016 BookViral Millennium Book Award Finalists

The 2016 BookViral Millennium Book Award long listed authors.

2016 Award Winner Rafael Hines_opt

A hugely entertaining thriller, Bishop's War proves a powerful debut which benefits from a great plot and pitch perfect execution. Take it for granted that Hines has delivered a solidly written piece of fiction, but there’s still a lot more to distinguish it. A writer who can convey action and complexity without getting lost in it and whose quiet chapters are just as powerful as his high octane ones, his  alertness to the subtle movements inside his characters and the interplay between them is unmistakable. Action gains a lot more momentum when it happens to convincing individuals and by avoiding off-the-shelf action figures Hines modulates the development of his key characters to bring genuine intrigue to his narrative. It wouldn’t be disingenuous to say that he ploughs the best of genre tropes into his plot and subplots are piled high, but more importantly he’s created a character in John Bishop that everyone can relate to and can comfortably carry a series.


A real rouser of a thriller to keep you on edge throughout, Bishop's War marks the arrival of a talented writer and one you’d do well to keep on your radar. Raising high expectations for future releases from Rafael Hines, it is highly recommended.