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While walking the misty streets of Venice one night in search of a good martini, Brigham Stone, former lawyer, now artist living in Venice, sees a man walk through a brick wall. His wife, Rose, thinks it's because he drinks too much. His gondolier friend, Mauro, is convinced that ghoulish creatures known as "shroud eaters" have returned to Venice after a centuries-long absence.  At the same time, strange things are happening in Venice. Bodies, butchered and devoid of blood, are found floating in the canals. Brigham is attacked by unknown assailants. He meets an alluring young woman who introduces him to the world of underground vampire clubs.  Drawn into a hidden world of torture, blood, and murder, Brigham must grapple with a hideous evil that on the one hand grants him eternal life, but on the other hand threatens to take his humanity, his marriage, and his life.


A spine-tingling tale of horror filled with suspense and tension throughout, A Beast In Venice from author Michael E Henderson is not easily forgotten. As beguiling as the city in which it is set he’s delivered a meticulously constructed plot that benefits from an intimate knowledge of his chosen setting and from the very first page you know this is one of those books that demands a slow read to be really appreciated. A dark and commanding telling that radiates malevolence, Henderson takes his readers on a harrowing journey that is steeped in originality. Yes, the prevailing tropes of the genre are present, but this is much more that a trite horror fest. Henderson renders his characters with a scrupulous eye for detail and brusque prose whilst a notable sense of timing blunts the edge of predictability to deliver a host of cliff-hanging chapters. He has one aim; it's to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and keep them that way until the very end of the book, and he achieves ithis with calculated ease.


An enthralling and captivating tale of supernatural horror, A Beast In Venice is sure to be applauded by fans of this ever popular genre whilst garnering a host of enthusiastic new followers for Henderson. Definitely recommended, this is one to add to your reading list!

Author Michael E. Henderson - In The Spotlight

A Beast In Venice

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