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Resilience wins each of them a second chance at happiness,.


Civil war rages in Sri Lanka, where Saja watches, powerless, as both her husband and most of her family are lost to the brutality.

Yonna is a talented, Wayuu rug weaver who attends a celebration in her honor that ends in bloodshed.

The beautiful Taraji, who never truly knows the hardship she has left behind in South Africa, is adopted by a loving couple at the age of five. But even Taraji's distant past comes back to haunt her.

Three women, each with a different tale, share the same courageous fight for survival and an even harder struggle to find love. They leave the turmoil of their homelands to seek a better future but soon discover that loneliness can be found in a crowded room, and wrenching fear in the safest suburb.


Three beautifully written and admirably thought provoking novellas, A Better World splendidly articulates the complexities, failings and contradictions that often obscure the path ahead. Three separate tales and yet each intrinsically linked by the challenges their fated protagonists face, author Belangela G. Tarazona proffers a unique and inspirational perspective on the choices we make and the struggles that ultimately define us. Told in subtle prose she ensures her story is never held hostage to the subject, avoiding unnecessary complexity and detail, with each tale ultimately carried on the powerful and endearing characters she so ably creates. She has an exquisite ear for dialogue that resonates in the present and whilst Saja, Yonna and Taraji each have their own unique stories, fate has set them on a common path, their thoughts proving timely revelations that will leave many readers reflecting deeply on our universal need for belonging, peace and happiness.


A simply wonderful read and highly deserving of a place on your bookshelf, A Better Wolrd is highly recommended.

Author Belangela G. Tarazona - In The Spotlight

A Better World

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