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'You are your own worst enemy'


Dark, brutal and funny. Teddy is a notorious, drug addled, raving lunatic behind closed doors. With the help of his Army Veteran trainer, they rise into stardom. Financed by three oil barons from the East known as the Cowboys... what can stop the unstoppable fighter from his life goal... possibly the guilt he carries from his past, or his crippling mental state mixed with his abusive drug habits? The phrase 'You are your own worst enemy' has never been so true'


An intense and often profound examination of guilt, descriptive economy prevails in A Burmese Wolf Whistle by author Samuel L Henton. A real boon for fans of his first novel, The Crimson Rain Report, he again spins a shadowy tale that explores the darker recesses of the mind and the use of recreational drugs. An often sad circle of events that mirror Teddy’s trapped thoughts, Henton skilfully avoids the pitfalls of flat and prescriptive dialogue to reveal Teddy’s emotional vulnerability. Wickedly embracing clichéd prose, there’s an undeniably mournful element to this tale which in turn makes the revelations of his darker character all the more poignant, with Henton confidently navigating bleary-eyed territory to bring an altogether refreshing perspective. It’s hard hitting and yet upon reflection the drama is rarely overstated, leaving the reader to ultimately decipher the deeper meaning as Teddy faces up to his ‘other’ self.


An unapologetic ode to the self-destructive element of human nature, Henton's novella is irresistible in its unassuming charm and definitively deserving of your attention. It is highly recommended

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A Burmese Wolf Whistle

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