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There are a lot of Superheroes, and a lot of stories that have been hinted at, but remain untold. Read about hydrokinetic toddlers with an aversion to bath time, alien invasions that will go down in history for all the wrong reasons, how Inferno and the Pied Piper gained their villainous reputations, and the weird, wonderful and occasionally just silly things that Superheroes have to deal with.


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One of the criticisms often levelled at short story collections is that it’s hard to lose oneself in the succinctness of such short works, but with A Candle In The Night, Rose turns brevity to her advantage and the enjoyment of her readers. There’s no wanton witterings, each of her tales punches above its word count but they are not overstated and as side stories to her Two Sides Of The Same Coin trilogy they have an instant sense of familiarity to them. Clever and quirky, with each story she takes her gift for voice, character, and humour to create unlikely outbreaks of heroism that prove thoroughly enjoyable. Yes, the groundwork has already been established with the first two releases in the Two Sides Of The Same Coin series but it takes an eclectic mind to add a fresh perspective through short fiction and Rose certainly delivers this.


Everyone will have their favourite story but standouts include The Bane of Parenthood about a super-powered toddler with an aversion to bathing and the aptly titled Acts Of Friendship with its interesting take on self-sacrifice. A genuine gem of a release. A Candle In The Night is certainly a worthwhile read.

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Super Hero Short Fiction From The Imagination Of  Natasja Rose

A Candle In The Night

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A side collection to the Two Sides of the Same Coin Trilogy


Everyone loves a good superhero story and they continue to entertain and inspire countless people – especially teenage readers,  but the problem with many superhero novels is they come across as rather two dimensional when compared to their onscreen counterparts. This certainly isn’t the case here and Rose certainly keeps the momentum going whilst keeping her readers glued to the pages with suspense, action and the obligatory twists.  Read our full review of Between Darkness And Light by clicking on its cover image.

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