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A Chronicle Of Chaos

A brutal war has raged for centuries. The Brotherhood of Shadow and The Children of Light each yearn to rule the planet, and will stop at nothing to defeat the other.


Now, from the deepest bowels of Hell, the Brotherhood has summoned demons to fight for them. These demons could end the war once and for all, if only the Brotherhood can keep them under control. Prophecy, destiny, honour, and glory: Chaos, a soldier in The Children of Light, fights in the name of all these things and could achieve them if he wasn’t so arrogant. He believes he is the best warrior in the land, until a fateful coincidence puts him at the mercy of the demon, Anathema.


The two warriors, demon and human, strike up an intense rivalry, but their obsession to destroy one another only leads them closer together. When the forces of Heaven and Hell collide, where will their loyalties lie?


Our review......

A captivating, original and intensely readable Fantasy, A Chronicle Of Chaos is the latest release from D M Cain and for her many fans it was certainly worth the wait. Few readers would argue that a book with strong characterization will draw them more deeply into a story and this is one aspect of Cain’s writing that really sets her apart. In Chaos and Anthema we find two incredibly compelling characters who will appeal to both male and female readers with Cain confidently providing the contextual framework for their developing emotions. More, she brings a certain poetic resonance to her dialogue which is hauntingly tender. Far too many Fantasy novels fail to appreciate the pull of a strong plot line, with the result they become little more than a series of curious incidents, but Cain revels in structure and delivers a plot bursting with page turning intrigue. This attention to detail is what ultimately brings her novel to life. Her world building is exemplary as she injects fresh perspective into beloved tropes. Her world feels overwhelmingly real and her characters tantalizingly within our grasp.


Ultimately, Cain has delivered a superb fantasy novel and one that deserves to be applauded beyond its genre. A talented author with a bright future, A Chronicle Of Chaos is recommended without reservation.

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