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“I never imagined myself this way. I never imagined that I could be happy and unhappy at the same time. Trying not to lose myself is hard. He has such a strong effect on me. The sight of him takes my breath away but, are the looks and the charm enough? Together, will we be enough?”


Samantha Miller, growing up in the beautiful city of Savannah, GA, has always been unlucky in love. With the help of her crazy friends she finds herself tripping and falling head over heels into a new life she never imagined for herself. Once into this new life Samantha realizes there are deep costs for her happiness and wondering if it is too good to be true.


An enjoyable summer read, A curvy Girl In A Skinny World, is the debut novel by author K. R. Nicholson.  A well pace romantic journey that revels in commentaries of the heart and the tribulations that attraction invariably yields, it’s bold and vibrant with Nicholson ably capturing the mood through well observed dialogue and a host of vibrant characters. In a genre that is inundated with new releases it is becoming hard for authors to find original themes or plots that don’t come across as trite or clichéd, but on both counts Nicholson acquits herself rather well. The plot is lively and well-paced with a degree of levity that keeps it feeling fresh throughout, but there is more to this off beat romance than meets the eye as Nicholson introduces some genuinely unexpected surprises.


An interesting debut that is sure to garner deserved attention for author K. R. Nicholson, A Curvy Girl In A Skinny World definitely deserves your attention and is a recommended summer read.

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A Curvy Girl In A Skinny World

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