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Haszard, who is quintessentially English and rather mysterious is shocked at the death of a friend, and is intrigued by the circumstances. Known for becoming involved in such matters, his friends attempt to talk him out of it, but he doesn’t listen. As he is investigations progress, his love-life improves dramatically when he meets the woman of his dreams, and his chances of discovering the identity of the perpetrator are boosted when he befriends a local businessman who has many resources at his fingertips. As inroads are made, life becomes dangerous for Haszard, and attempts on his life are made, yet he pushes on regardless, firmly convinced that it’s someone he knows is responsible for his friends untimely demise!


Quirky and certainly original, A Light In The Darkness is the new novel from author Kevin E. Hatt. Definitely one that breaks the mould, Hatt has written a book that eschews convention to introduce a truly memorable fictional character whose antics are grounded in the 'real world'.   Cleverly avoiding the typical procedural based crime novel, his narrative pulls the reader into a puzzle that he allows to evolve, alongside the characters that he introduces. They are an interesting mix and no conventional heroes to be found, but they are well observed and Hatt’s dialogue provides for timely comment, humour and more than a drop of cynicism, in a plot laced with enough red herrings to keep the most ardent armchair detective guessing to the end.


Leaning towards the darker side of life at times, A light in The Darkness is undoubtedly an intriguing crime novel, but the thematic undertones are redolent of everyday relationships. The spark between friends and acquaintances that often take us in unexpected directions.  Bound to raise a few eyebrows and deserved interest in author Kevin E. Hatt, it is certainly recommended.

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A Light In The Darkness - A Haszard Narrative

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