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An exciting tale of covert surveillance, lies,  

deception and double agents.


Newly retired from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, John Burrows is shocked to be called back by his old bosses for one last job. And not just any job – he's on the tail of his old adversary, the infamous Jonny Moon, a dangerous and volatile criminal who will stop at nothing to get his own way. When a civilian is kidnapped and tortured by Moon's associates after a botched surveillance operation, Burrows knows he's in deep water. Not only must he track down Moon and deal with a mole in the ranks, he must do all this without Moon finding out who he is. Or who his partner, Jane Lee, is – the officer who, last time they met, showed him that he's not invincible. A New Menace is a taut thriller, an exciting tale of covert surveillance, lies, deception and double agents.


The formula for a good book is an elusive thing yet Roger Price seems to have nailed it again in A New Menace. With a tight and cohesive narrative it’s a very easy book to become engrossed in with both Burrows and Lee making welcome returns, but Price isn’t one to rest on his laurels. He’s created two very likeable and believable characters who he has continued to develop through a combination of descriptive prose, personal insight and well observed dialogue. There’s nothing simple or saccharin about them. Price has created raw three dimensional characters who feel so genuine and natural you can vividly picture their interaction in your mind as their personal stories continue to unwind throughout the book, As with By Their Rules it isn’t a quick read, but one to be savoured. Price writes with an acerbic pen and revels in authenticity as he draws his readers into his dark and clandestine world. Every word feels weighted by his real world experience and every sentence needs to be read to truly appreciate the depth this brings to his novels.


Artful writing with a genuinely enthralling plot and a cracking denouement, A New Menace proves a must read for fans of crime fiction and a testament to Price’s ability to deliver consistently good reads. It is recommended without reservation.

Author  Roger Price -  In The BookViral Spotlight

A New Menace

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