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The Best In Paranormal Shifter Fantasy From Natalie Allison

A Shift Toward Prey: Chronicles Of The Fringe

A vibrant, compelling and exciting new voice in

Paranormal Fantasy fiction.

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Chiari Jhahn is a young, ambitious, headstrong Jaguar-Shifter with one goal: to overthrow her elder sister’s savage regime and restore peace to the Shifter Realm. Now that she’s earned a position of power on the Grand Council, she is determined to use her hard-won influence to jumpstart her private agenda. But she soon discovers that a war is looming over the lands of the Fringe, a conflict that will match Shifter claws against Vampire fangs for the first time in two centuries. Chiari wants to find a diplomatic solution, but her sister’s incompetent leadership keeps standing in the way. After a disastrous confrontation with the Vampires leaves a prominent leader dead and the peace negotiations stalled, Chiari feels she has no choice but to start a revolution—it’s either that, or watch her people become nothing more than prey for a much-stronger predator.


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Introducing a vibrant, compelling and exciting new voice in Paranormal Fantasy fiction, A Shift Toward Prey proves both creative and entertaining as Allison delivers a spectacular plot with faultless forward momentum. For a new author to deliver something this good in a debut is a rarity but Allison clearly knows how to build a visually complex tale whilst ensuring the definitive devices of the genre are ever present. From concept to execution her narrative is flawless, confidently navigating multiple plot threads, without feeling cumbersome, to create a delightfully dark dance of manipulation as Chiari Jhahn finds herself embroiled in the machinations of power and conflict. Yes, the definitive tropes of the genre are present but it’s a credit to Allison that she manages to add a genuinely disquieting sense of presence whilst retaining just enough restraint in her narrative for the imagination to blossom. Definitely the work of a vivid imagination there is much to commend it with her description of characters and unfolding events being amongst the best you will read as her prose evoke clear images in the mind.


Consistently superb and utterly readable, A Shift Toward Prey certainly sets the bar high and against which future releases in the series will be measured.  Thoroughly enjoyable, it is recommended without reservation.

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