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"Of course, I do occasionally think about how  differently my life might have turned out. What if  the door had not been left open? What if I hadn’t gone in? But it had, and I did."


When a young musician stumbles into a Greek restaurant to shelter from the rain, it is not the random act of fate he first believes. Charlie meets Joanna and falls at once, utterly seduced. But his life begins to unravel at an astonishing pace once it becomes intertwined with the lives of the four enigmatic English women who are sitting at the table next to his. In divided Berlin, nothing is ever as straightforward as it appears, and people are seldom quite what they seem. Gradually, Charlie and Joanna are drawn into the shadow of an unknown tragic past.


An enigmatic rite of passage, A Table In Berlin is the debut novel from author Mark Davies. Rich in its telling, Davies delivers a compelling and wonderfully contrasted tale that ably blends stoic realism with well metered elements of comic relief. Captured in acerbic prose, we are reminded of the constantly shifting spheres of influence that shape the world around us and those experiences which make us what we are, as we come to make sense of the world and the relationships through which we evolve. Thought provoking with thematic moral undertones, Davies judiciously avoids the tedium of cliché by bringing an all pervasive atmosphere of intrigue to the fore, with the weight of oppression an ever poignant presence. It’s evocative and amplifies the angst of love and deceit in a way that makes both feel unquestionably authentic, whilst a duteous eye for detail ably renders the sights and sounds of a bygone era.


An insightful and soulful account that will engender much reflection, A table In Berlin is definitely deserving of your attention, whilst boding well for future releases from author Mark Davies. It is strongly recommended!

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A Table In Berlin

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