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Not all that glitters is diamond; sometimes it is only glass. But even its sharp edges will never hurt you like family. Stephan is living a life every teenager would envy. Son of a wealthy businessman, he lives carefree and carelessly. However, nothing is as it seems, and his perfect life is doomed; it has been since before he was even born. Days thrill-seeking, nights lock-picking; it’s all just about to fall apart. His older brother has uncovered a secret. For all their years together, Roger has envied Stephan’s life, his success, the attention he has from their father, but now Roger can wait no longer; this is the moment, the moment he can hurt Stephan the most, when he can turn Stephan’s choices against him, tear apart everything he cherishes, and steal away his future. With secrecy and the resources of the Russian Mafia on his side, the older Mills brother effortlessly brings Stephan’s world down around him, a single tip-off to the police burying him under the ruins of his former life. After a year behind bars, Stephan seems to have no hope, no future. Cut off even from the rest of his family, can he reclaim his life and freedom, or will he sink still lower? Will his years of petty crime damn him, or will they be enough to help him fight back?


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It is always uplifting to review something a little different and with its intriguing title, Crime Thriller and Mystery novel  A Tale of a Rough Diamond certainly fits the bill. There’s a lot to be said for a novel that’s able to generate considerable suspense and a sense of dread and on this level Mann’s narrative creates the right balance of tension and intrigue to hook readers from the very start. With acerbic prose and a keen eye for nuance she eschews the stereotypes that typically dominate the Crime Thriller genre, leaning towards the fallible side of her characters that are at times darkly introspective. Given the turn of events that lead to Stephan’s imprisonment Mann could have written a straightforward tale of revenge but she manages to add a cathartic kick that contains metaphorical nuggets in addition to the personal dramas that inhabit her plot. No matter how badly things have gone for Stephan, there's a constant sense of twists to come and this makes for a genuine page-turner.


A strong and enjoyable debut that promises good things to come from Mann, A Tale Of A Rough Diamond is certainly a Crime Thriller deserving of a place on your bookshelf and it is definitely recommended!

A Crime Thriller Novel That Will Have You Hooked From The Start!


A Tale of a Rough Diamond

An Exciting New Crime Thriller and Mystery Novel From  Author P J Mann

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I have always been attracted by the woods, and there I have found most of my inspirations for writing, taking important decision and harmony. I do not consider myself as having peculiar interests, everything comes and goes depending on how do I feel. A few things I truly like, besides writing novels, of course, is gardening, photography, and walk for as long as possible in the nature.

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