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A riveting and suspenseful page-turner. the release of Au79 sees Dickason's series go from strength to strength!


Brian Phillips lies alone in the Lumpton Treatment Center, reflecting on the poor choices that lead him there. But when a deadly virus is unleashed, Brian must flee for his life—aided only by an ominous, otherworldly figure. Meanwhile, Drew Murphy, a former Marine and EMT living in Boston, is haunted by his past and the daily stress of his job. Turning to alcohol to mask the pain, Drew is forced to confront the darkest aspects of himself when his wife walks out following an explosive argument . . .


As Brian becomes the harbinger of a devastating plague, Drew is called to his ailing mother’s bedside. The world is soon plunged into chaos and Drew must make the long journey home on foot, encountering others along the way—each with their own hidden addictions. Can those remaining fight through a disintegrating humanity and overcome their demons  or will they simply succumb?


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A dark and disturbing Apocalyptic Thriller that's been cleverly thought out and resonates with the inevitability of mankind’s actions, by any stretch of the imagination Edmund Kelly has written an intriguing debut novel. Meshing haunting images with a complex multilevel story his narrative is embroidered with threads of death and loss as he takes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and gives them a poignant contemporary relevance that reflects the times in which we live. It’s an undertaking that might daunt the most seasoned of authors, but one which Kelly confidently manages with a level of social commentary that resonates long after the last page is turned. Page after page he certainly seizes and ignites our imagination with his characters astutely conceptualised. Always feeling authentic in the face of the horrors they come to face with Kelly orchestrating the distressing nature of fear as he delivers an increasingly sinister sequence of events that are genuinely unsettling.


Compulsively readable, Addiction & Pestilence, proves a strong start to Kelly’s Slaying Dragons: A Journey through Hell series and one that bodes well for future releases. It is strongly recommended.

Addiction & Pestilence (Slaying Dragons: A Journey Through Hell)

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Edmund Kelly (Ed) grew up in Massachusetts, just south of Boston. He just published his first novel Addiction & Pestilence which is the first book in his Slaying Dragons: A Journey Through Hell series. Slaying Dragons is a term used to describe in this instance, someone who has overcome their battle with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol as well as defeating evil or the Devil.


Ed took the biblical reference of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and turned it into a series. Each book deals with the wrath that each horseman brings but with an added twist to each book.

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A Taut Compelling Read From Edmund Kelly Based On the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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