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What’s Hollywood like behind the scenes? How does real life compare to reel life? Do the stars create more drama off-screen than on? Is the local social network really full of desperate housewives? How can an English writer find work? In this refreshingly frank memoir, English screenwriter Tim John reveals how his family survived their seven year adventure living and working in LA-LA land.


Turn the pages of Adventures in LA LA Land and you could easily be forgiven for thinking sanity is an alien concept in LA. A wonderfully authentic and insightful read, Tim John peels back the prevailing façade of Hollywood to share a titillating glimpse of life and work behind the silver screen. It’s an engrossing and humorous read with wonderfully observed anecdotes, but whilst levity prevails there is an undeniable air of melancholy that seems inherent to a culture where relationships on all levels are all to fleeting. Relationships artfully captured by Tim John with a cutting sincerity that research alone could never equal.


Refreshingly honest, Adventures in LA LA Land is an absolute must read for anyone interested in the allures of the movie industry and will certainly garner much wider appeal and interest in author Tim John. Highly recommended.

Tim John - In The Spotlight

Adventures in LA LA Land

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