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A long lost temple is discovered underground in Memphis, behind a door with strange markings. Among strange maps, snakes and rooms filled with tablets is a ritual that will change Agrippa and Samia forever.


In the near future Roy Swenson begins the dream viewing experiments, until another fragment of his past appears at a surprising moment. Randall discovers a new technology that allows viewers to enter their subject's dreams.


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Entertainingly blending the best elements of Dystopian Science Fiction, Alexandria proves a  scintillating sequel to Antioch with Ness quick to immerse his readers in an intricate and superbly crafted plot. Shunning the archetypal tendency for overly elaborate tech and exposition in contemporary science fiction and returning again to a world in turmoil as we straddle disparate timelines. Underpinned by extensive research the historical aspects alone make for compelling reading with scene after scene conveying a prevailing sense of authenticity. A world imbued with good and evil, where characters revel in the intricacies of power and subterfuge.


Written with fluid prose and a discerning eye for detail, the narrative is sophisticated and faultlessly executed with Ness fully embracing the devices of intrigue and suspense, but it’s in his dalliances with dreams that his sequel truly distinguishes itself.  A commonly used plot device in science fiction and fantasy fiction he uses his dream medium to explore human nature. Desire, ambition, greed, strength,  millennium’s may separate his timelines but through Swenson and a host of eclectic supporting characters, we come to realise that little has changed and the future hangs precariously on a knife edge.


Poignantly powerful with unerring social commentary that echoes the global challenges we face in real life, Alexandria proves another masterful release in the Science Fiction genre and is recommended without reservation.

A Dystopian Science Fiction Masterpiece from Gregory Ness

Alexandria - (The Sword of Agrippa Book 2)

Poignant and incredibly  powerful, Ness not only entertains

but leaves us deep in thought.

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Antioch (The Sword of Agrippa Book 1)

In 2025 the US is plagued by cyber mobs fueled by social media and fake news. The once great nation turns away from science and tech in an effort to protect entrenched interests and preserve stability. Scientists are killed and laws passed to regulate innovation.


An American biologist is in Prague in exile in order to continue his search for dark energy, which he thinks is the fabric and soul of the universe. As he closes in on a discovery, his dreams take him back to the Great Library of Alexandria and secret chambers restricted to high-level priests. He is a young Roman engineer destined to help establish the foundation of western civilization. In his dreams he witnesses the birth of western civilization. During the day he watches its disintegration.

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."

Quote by Authur C Clarke

Belas Rift antioch-ness

We are such stuff as dreams are

made on; and our little life is

rounded with a sleep.

William Shakespeare

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