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There is more to relationships than sex.

We live in a very sexualised society, where sex without love is common, but love without sex seems to shock people.


In this book, we will discuss the spectrum of Asexuality, as viewed by the people who live it. This is a collection of anecdotes, ranging from discovering your sexuality, to common misconceptions and prejudice, and basic definitions of the different terms


Being diverse might come with its problems, but what's the point if you can't be yourself?


Our review......

A powerful and informative text for readers of any age who are exploring their sexual orientation and those who would like to broaden their understanding of asexuality, All That We Are ably addresses misconceptions surrounding its subject whilst helping to defuse many of the misconceptions contiguous with it. Bringing her own inimitable literary voice to the subject Rose turns the spotlight on an element of the sexuality spectrum that often lends itself to ignorance and exclusion by those who don’t understand what it means to be asexual. She speaks from experience and her honesty is humbling, helping us to understand just how broad human sexuality really is and what it means to be asexual. In doing so she brings together a diverse range of opinions and experiences from asexual people to create a precious resource with the potential to make a positive difference to lives of many who read it.


A must read for readers seeking reassurance and those seeking to connect with an ever-growing asexual community to those who are asexual curious, All That We are proves a valuable and uncompromising resource and is recommended without reservation.

Living Diversity Book 2

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A Much needed Non Fiction Exploration Of Asexuality By  Natasja Rose

All That We Are: Asexuality, and the misconceptions surrounding it.


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