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Stan Wisdom is cursed by the stifling influence of an overprotective mother and the ability to see monsters invisible to everybody but him. When a new found friendship is threatened, rage leads Stan to reveal himself to the monsters and the hunt is on. Pursued through an endlessly repeating day, Stan uncovers the dark secret fuelling his mothers fear and finds himself at the centre of a supernatural civil-war with the future of life and death at stake.


Our Review

A dark and hugely entertaining fantasy for the young and young at heart, All The Dead Things is the delightfully ghoulish new novel from children’s author Simon Paul Woodward. A riveting tale from start to finish, Woodward has penned an original and dramatic narrative that whips along at a cracking pace, as he enviably conjures a host of inspired characters. A delightful mix that ably manifests the age old duel between good and evil, as his young protagonist sets about his quest. Brimming with inventiveness, amidst twist and turns that are wholly unpredictable, Woodward has a natural flair that lends itself well to this popular genre, with a charmingly errant sense of humour that adds uncommon warmth and depth to his writing.


An absolute feast for the imagination, All The Dead Things is a truly notable children’s book, heralding the arrival of a new and thrilling voice to the world of children’s horror fiction. Sure to win author Simon Paul Woodward a host of fans, it is recommended without reservation!

YA Paranormal Fantasy From Award Winning Author Simon Paul Woodward

All The Dead Things

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Hugely Entertaining & Deliciously Dark


About Simon Woodward

Simon Paul Woodward is an award-winning writer of young-adult dark fantasy and horror stories including All The Dead Things. He lives just south of London (London, England  not one of the 10 Londons in the USA, the London in Kiribati or the asteroid 8837-London; it’s best to be precise about these things). Before he didn’t live on an asteroid, he was born in the Midlands and studied in the North. His accent is a mess.

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