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You can tell a lot about a society from its murders.

And Simon Moralee can tell everything from its victims.


He has the gift- or is it a curse?- of being able to recover a vision of the last thing murder victims had imprinted on their minds before death. It means he can identify their killers and describe them to the police to secure a one hundred percent clean-up rate. His financially bankrupt society leaps at the opportunity his gift provides, by cutting the level of policing and detection back to the bone, as a yet another cost-saving measure. The few remaining policemen serve as Simon’s minders as they seek to protect their most valuable asset and the one remaining celebrity the State can promote to their citizens as a good news story. Only people are losing interest in his exploits, as they lose hope for their society with its murder rate spiralling beyond Simon’s ability to keep pace. And into this numbers game emerges a new threat, when a criminal mastermind with a psychic power of his own, challenges Simon in a psychological joust to the death...


Achieving a notable balance between action and intrigue, An Eye For An Eye For An Eye is the new novel from author Marc Nash. Not only is the plot decidedly original, it is wonderfully elaborate and keeps the reader guessing to the very end. Entertaining, it certainly is, but there are some unnervingly deep and thought provoking psychological aspects reminiscent of Philip K Dicks Minority Report, which will undoubtedly engender reflection. Written with a keen eye for detail, Nash’s protagonist is deftly drawn, wisely avoiding apathetic stereotypes to deliver a flawed real world personality who is often on the edge of reason. It may be a paranormal thriller, but Nash ably manages to capture moments which are grounded in reality and bring a distinct air of authenticity to his tale.


A genuinely enjoyable Paranormal Thriller that delivers a satisfying read, An Eye For An Eye For An Eye will surely tempt first-time readers to explore other books from author Marc Nash. It is strongly recommended.

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An Eye For An Eye For An Eye

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