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A must read YA Romance novel and an alluring example of its genre, Another Summer is the debut release from author Sue Lilley who proves an exciting new voice in Women's Fiction. With a string of vignettes that quickly coalesce into a fully fleshed-out tale, it’s the beginning of one of those romantic sagas you'll be hard-pressed to finish without a warm feeling inside. In the main, Lilley delivers this through a combination of pure escapism and a deft pen and in keeping with the best of Contemporary Romance her chapters are smart and well-constructed with dialogue that’s faltering enough to appear spontaneous. Yes, there’s a certain amount of cliché, but it’s well spun and adds underlying depth to her narrative which in turn really brings her characters to life. Jake and Joe are polls apart and in the context of Lilley's plot this a good thing because it makes the relationship dynamics infinitely more intriguing. There’s no need for tortured Freudian explanations as to why Evie finds herself caught between them or manufactured thrills whilst the intimate interludes are pitch perfect and sure to leave readers a little breathless!


A sterling debut which promises good things to come from Lilley,  Another Summer should be at the top of your list for Summer Romance novels and is strongly recommended.

Must Read Contemporary Romance  from Author Sue Lilley

Another Summer

Another Summer - The Best in British Contemporary Romance

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Sue Lilley lives in the north east of England, when she isn't escaping somewhere else in her imagination. She loves a good story, especially feel-good escapism that makes you miss your stop and be late for work because you can't put the book down. Her practical exterior hides the soul of a daydreamer and compulsive people watcher. She's been writing as a hobby for years, eavesdropping on people's conversations on the Metro for inspiration.

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Another Summer by Sue Lilley Book Description

"Summer romances end for all kinds of reasons" - The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks