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David Stephenson is a kind drifter who comes to settle in the small Texas town of Westville. His sense, empathy, and awareness are well received by the residents of the failing town as they welcome and befriend him. During his stay he helps a small local girl try to realize her dream and while doing so excites and energizes the whole town to help out. Lives change as fate takes a critical turn. The local would-be reporter, tasked by David’s longtime friend, takes off on a mission to unravel the mystery of his travels, where he came from, and discovers why he is on his journey.


A delightfully perceptive and compelling tale, Another Sunset is the debut novel from author Jason Zandri. A novel that weaves the significant and trivial into an enthralling narrative that is far from prescriptive. There’s no pretence to Zandri’s prose, with a time worn familiarity that makes his tale hard to put down, but it’s in the complexity that underpins his plot that the real story prevails. This is a tale where the past, present and future fuse together to create a beguiling mystery. A tale about perception that doesn’t conform to a linear script and it's this element that Zandri has shrewdly captured. The drama is well pitched, the intrigue simmers throughout, but the foibles that resonate through an eclectic host of characters and Zandri’s fine ear for dialogue keeps it authentic and adds to the complexity that underpins his plot. More than anything else, it’s this that keeps the pages turning as the shards of mystery come together with Zandri delivering an inspired denouement.


An excellent debut and one that demands your attention Another Sunset certainly deserves a place on your 'must read' list and is strongly  recommended.

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Another Sunset

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