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'What joyous times we had

in windowless fluorescence

behind the fortress walls

where none could detect

the difference between thinking and sleeping'



Decidedly quirky, certainly off beat, Antique Piano & Other Sour Notes is a refreshingly unpretentious and gratifying collection of eclectic poetry from author Barbara Etlin. Rarely pandering to the traditional markings of lyric poetry or conventional use of meter and rhyme, her words reflect the minutiae of our lives. Laced with irony and deadpan humour, many are distinguished by their cultural acuity and serve as  particularly redolent reminders that change and cultural expression are in a continuous state of flux. No more so than in ‘Ode to the Homepage Muse’ and ‘Mercury Lament’, where the now mundane are made mystifying and the simply practical become poetic. Or “Antique Piano” where Etlin deftly brings the intrinsic link between technology and modern languor to the fore. Cleverly highlighting an ever growing tendency, to callously disregard those things that no longer fit a predominantly prescriptive way of living.


Offering reflective forays into the complexity with which we weave our lives, Antique Piano & Other Sour Notes is a bountiful blend of experiences, feelings and ideas that are sure to find willing smiles. Certainly deserving of a place on your bookshelf it is definitely recommended.

Author Barbara Etlin - In The Spotlight

Antique Piano & Other Sour Notes

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