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Best In Genre Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Kate Morris

Apokalypsis Book One

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About Kate Morris

Kate lives on a small farm in Ohio with her ex-Army husband where she tends a shabby garden, enjoys her horses and spends down-time target shooting with her peeps. She is a huge supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces and encourages her fans to check out Ranger Up.com and Wounded Warrior.com.

Her life was simply about getting through each awful day of high school without being bullied or picked on. Jane Livingston had a full life, just not one that included friends, boyfriends, school clubs, sports, dating, or anything else the typical teenager experienced. She kept her head down, avoided people, tried to make it out of the war zone (the high school hallways) without any new battle scars.


His life was status, cute girls, cool cars and being the guy everyone else wanted to be at his high school. But there was more to Roman Lockwood than met the eye. He led a miserable existence until he realized the shy, picked-on poor girl he’d known for four years was a lot more than she appeared to be at first glance. There was more to Jane Livingston than met the eye, too.Unfortunately, Roman and Jane’s lives were about to intersect in a way neither would’ve guessed.


Our review......

The end of the world as we know it has long become a fictional staple but few authors write apocalyptic fiction better than Kate Morris. Firstly establishing her credentials with The McClane Apocalypse series her new release, Apokalypsis seems sure to garner similar appeal as she once again plumbs the darkest depths of our imaginations. The best apocalyptic novels keep us on the edge of our seats with hearts racing because the end of life as we know it is so hard to comprehend and here Morris serves us a narrative that’s relentless in its pacing whilst being unsettlingly familiar. Popping the intimate bubble of our present reality Morris knows it’s not enough to tell a good story. To stand out in a genre such as this authors have to mesmerise their readers by not only detailing the poignant horrifying elements of an apocalyptic scenario, they have to create wholly authenticate characters to live through it and this is something Morris does particularly well. We cringe as Roman struggles to communicate his feelings for Jane, applaud as he becomes her protector and feel their pain as they lose those closest to them. Not only that but with characters as strong as Jane's grandmother 'Nana Peaches' we feel their absence too.


Another superb high octane Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction thriller from Morris and sure to be well received by her many fans. It is recommended without reservation.

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