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At seven years old, Sallee Mackey is wary of the grown-ups that populate her Southern world-especially her mother, Ginny-and with good reason. Ginny is flat out dangerous and not the kind of dangerous that threatens mortal harm, though at times death might be preferred. It's far worse than that, especially if you cross her in one of her moods. Sallee learns early on to rely on stealth and a watchful eye-skills absolutely essential to living with her family. The one grown-up exception might be Ethel, the black maid who has been with the family for two generations. But even Ethel has secrets. Like a hound on a scent, Sallee questions Ethel constantly about the mysteries of their shared history, Ethel's conflicted loyalties threaten to destroy not only herself but the children she loves.


Our Review

Thoughtful and deeply moving Southern Fiction, Apron Strings is the debut novel from author Mary Morony. A tale told through the eyes of Sallee and the answers she solicits from Ethel, Morony delivers a masterful narrative that is beguiling, flawlessly executed and proves a fine example of New Historical Fiction. With a meticulous ear for dialogue, Morony’s diction is simply exquisite, effortlessly capturing the cultural identities of her leading Southern characters in flowing prose. It’s an absolute joy to read and without the contrivance of undue complexity quickly draws readers to its thematic undertones. There is real depth to be found here and because it is narrated from a child’s perspective allows a gradual evolution of thought with readers readily relating to the turmoil of Sallee’s rapidly changing life. Evocative and tender, Morony leans towards an intuitive interpretation of right and wrong and it would be a hard heart that didn’t find the morality in her tale.


For readers who appreciate finer literary fiction, Apron Strings is an elegantly wrapped gift that delights. Boding well for future releases from Mary Morony, it is recommended without reservation!

Southern Historical Fiction At It's Very Best From Mary Morony

Apron Strings

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About Mary Morony

In the simplest terms, she’s a Southern Novelist and author of 2 novels (the third on the way).  Mary Morony is one of six children. She was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, mainly by her family’s black maid. It was a time and place of segregated schools and water fountains, as well as restaurants and movie theaters that prohibited black customers.  Morony’s inspiration for Apron Strings was her relationship with her family’s maid, who taught her love and acceptance with warmth, humor, and unending patience.


Morony’s rich characters are drawn from her childhood memories and lifelong experiences. Growing up where several important people in her life had issues with alcohol, her parents split up in a time when divorce was a humiliating family secret.  Morony had a lot of material to work with.

Her second novel in the Apron Strings Triology - Done Growed Up is reviewed by BookViral HERE.

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