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Elijah Paulson is a phoenix rising. Redefining himself after the brutal demise of an eight-year marriage, he’s finding his wings. This transformation is vigilantly shepherded by Michael Ward, the founder of an elite SMBD club tucked into the underbelly of the Los Angeles arts community. In Elijah, Ward sees the makings of a great Dom, as well as a second in command for his growing fraternity. Elijah meets Reid Hayden for the first time during this vulnerable juncture and is irresistibly drawn to the young man’s sensual magnetism. But Reid, a fiercely talented dancer, senses a red flag in this beguilingly handsome older man. Not even their white-hot attraction can override this gut feeling. What he doesn’t yet know is the very thing that drives him away at first will ultimately save him from himself.


Our review......

Sensational sex and its consequences makes for intriguing melodrama in Arabesque, Book 1 in the Honey In The Rock series from DeAnna C Zankich, who’s quick to create an atmosphere of subtle menace and great sexuality. She doesn’t pump up her the plot with recycled manufactured thrills, it excites the emotions in the way a good BDSM story arch should, but it also stirs deep and darker feelings associated with surrender when two reasonably sane adult males explore the boundaries of their desires. It’s graphic, the suspense nearly unbearable at times, as Zankich adds tension through the devices of smart dialogue and cleverly nuanced settings which repeatedly succeed in hijacking readers expectations. Just when you think you've got the plot pinned for being predictable, she turns it around to keep you on the edge of your seat. Written with an acerbic pen, it’s this that makes her story feel absolutely plausible and a genuine pleasure to read. It will certainly give Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money!


A shrewd and highly enjoyable debut, Arabesque will prove a beguiling read for many readers and certainly raises expectations of future releases from DeAnna C. Zankich. It is highly recommended.

Author  DeAnna C. Zankich - In The Spotlight

Arabesque: Book 1 Honey In The Rock

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