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In a world faced with violence and the potential of cataclysmic annihilation, what if the only means to save mankind existed in an alternate reality?


We live in uncertain times. The underlying threat of nuclear proliferation and the probable spread of weapons of mass destruction exist throughout the world. While the United States' military and intelligence communities pull out all stops in an effort to prevent a nuclear holocaust, one man--encouraged by his enlightened Tibetan Master, strives to rise above this arena of conflicting forces. Can he find a place in the past where altering a key event could change the future and prevent Armageddon?


Thought provoking and unerringly relevant to the times in which we live, Armageddon And The Fourth Timeline is the second exciting novel from author Don Mardak. A superb adventure that transcends time and space, Mardak adds a unique and powerful twist to an ever burgeoning number of apocalyptic tales. Fiction it may well be, but there is no denying the intensity of thought that pervades Mardak’s underlying thematic commentary, with a palpable sense of urgency and legitimacy coming to the fore. Yes there are strong religious overtures that lean towards his own beliefs, but he is ever careful to present them in a way that diffuses any sense of prejudice. First and foremost he has written a well-paced and thrilling mystical fantasy. Underpinned by an ambitious and well executed plot, his narrative is always on the mark, whilst superbly drawn characters and dialogue add to an overall sense of authenticity. Irrespective of a readers beliefs, it’s a hard book to read without much timely reflection.


Powerful, thought provoking and highly entertaining Armageddon & The Fourth Timeline has all the hallmarks of a classic. Deserving of your attention, it is recommended without reservation!

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Armageddon & The Fourth Timeline

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