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Arnold is a moose who lives in a small wooden house on the edge of the forest. He is something of a dreamer, and his greatest wish is to find some buried treasure. But despite his best efforts, Arnold has never found any so far. Then, one day, Arnold’s friend, a goose called Louis, comes to his house with a suggestion that they go searching for treasure. Arnold jumps at the chance, of course, and the two make preparations to set off into the dangerous forest. They enlist the help of some others and head off on the adventure of a lifetime. But there are more dangers than even they could have imagined, and they soon realize the value of friendship. What will happen when they find the treasure they are looking for? Will it change them, or will they still be the same moose and goose they always were?


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A riot of fun and a lesson to be learnt the delightful Arnold and Louis. Gold rush proves a wonder-filled debut for Storm who pulls out all the stops to deliver a corker of a story. Illustrated by Storm whose deceptively simple-looking drawings and vibrant colour pallet perfectly complement his words they always manage to be both magical and intriguing with Storm creating two immensely endearing characters who are sure to spark the imaginations of his young readers. With its cleverly nuanced plot and occasionally rhyming text, Arnold and Louis embark on an adventure that not only entertains but enlightens too as Storm’s wonderful story immerses them in every scene. Stories like these are sadly only too rare but with a valuable life lesson in honesty and kindness, it joins the ranks of the classic children's picture books to leave its readers looking at the world through the hopeful eyes of a child.


A compelling adventure that makes the perfect bedtime companion Arnold and Louis -  Gold rush, introduces a vibrant new voice to its genre and is highly recommended.

Will it change them, or will they still be the same

moose and goose they always were?


Arnold and Louis. Gold rush

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About  Harvey Storm

Growing up, Harvey felt compelled to become a writer and artist from an early age. When other children his age played with toy cars, dolls, or soccer balls, he would spend hours in his room doodling and jotting down random ideas that would pop into his mind. Since he was in grade school, he knew writing would someday become his vocation. In addition to taking various writing and drawing seminars throughout the years, Harvey holds a Degree in International Business and another Degree in Management of Social Development.


Outside of crafting children’s stories, Harvey is an avid businessman who has launched many successful companies. During his spare time, he enjoys jamming on his electric Gibson guitar, mountain climbing, spearfishing, camping, and drawing. As a passionate explorer, he has traveled to ten different countries to date, imparting him with the unique inspiration he needs to create interesting plots, engaging storylines, and relatable characters. Above all, he loves spending quality time with his best buddy in dog form, Marco. More often than not, Marco serves as Harvey’s muse for a lot of the characters in his books.

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