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In no certain location, in no particular place, a young man stumbles to search for his way in life while trying to find out who he really is. Fate strips him of his true identity from the very beginning. His destiny journeys him on a predestinated path which leads to a world of nowhere. His only identification comes from a single name of Pug. He is reared by a guardian who refuses to supply him with any form of human affection needed for proper upbringing. In his quest to break out of a life of desperation, two people come across his path to guide him on an intimate and psychological trip. He loses himself in order to find himself.


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Complex and ultimately heart-breaking, As I Lay Standing invites us to get past the moment and consider what the future might bring. Taking us beyond the fleeting connections of happenstance Mohntoh brings a sense of inevitability to his prose that makes his story into a genuine comment on life and the expectations we have. It’s not, by any stretch of imagination, light reading. It demands reflection with Mohntoh’s empathy and human understanding apparent moment to moment as events in Pugs life evolve. Told from differing perspectives the suspense builds as lapidary details reveal more than cursory events might first suggest. With just four characters of note, he never leaves us feeling disorientated. The implications of Pugs new found friendships are always tantalisingly close but it’s to his credit that he manages to maintain a web of intrigue to the very last page. There’s a certain emotional clarity that comes with his final reveal, but what makes it particularly powerful and poignant is the realisation that in Pugs story he could be writing about each and every one of us.


An intriguing and thought-provoking introduction to the words of Sje Mohntoh, As I Lay Standing will likely engender broad appeal, but garner particular appreciation amongst fans of Metaphysical Visionary Fiction. It is strongly recommended.

There are many branches on a tree.

But they all stem from the same root.


As I Lay, Standing

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My plots and characters are all true to their identity. I try to tell stories in unusual ways. There are bizarre circumstances, some philosophical views, part literary narration, and part straight talk. Depending on character or situation, spirituality in a non-religious way, and a little eroticism are sometimes in the mix. I am more of an underground writer...an experimentalist...to think outside of the norm...opening my mind and expanding my soul to reach every facet of life. I try to make each book different from the last while still engaging readers and giving them that entertaining escape into someone else's world. Many of the characters I write about may be controversial. This isn't unusual. All of life is controversial.

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