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I am hurting. Fractured in places stitches can't heal."


The accidental death of her parents forces Layla to abandon her religious, middle-class lifestyle. She moves to the inner city of Chicago with her grandmother and aunt, her only living relatives. Layla tries to approach her new life with optimism, but the perfections of her past life haunt her tormented journey. After coming to grips with the reality over the years that her only aunt despises her, Discovering that she may secretly hold the keys to helping her aunt’s diminishing health in her hands she stumbles through her newfound reality while learning how to play the distinct set of cards she’s been dealt.


Aptly titled and immediately enthralling, Autumn’s Child is the extraordinary debut novel from author Nicole Murray. A poignant and timely reflection on the penuries of life and those influences that indelibly mark the choices we make, it is an exquisite and soulful telling that courts the heart strings and begs reflection. Often profound and wonderfully observed, Murray writes with an acerbic pen that is tempered by wonderfully observed anecdotes, hauntingly capturing the pivotal moments in her young protagonists life, moments that lead to change and are poignantly paralleled in the changing seasons. There is a veritable rhythm to be found in the lilt of her words which many readers will find compelling, alongside the realisation that the relentless tramp of time often favours us for the compromises we make.


Written with grace and notably thought provoking, Autumn’s Child is an deep and meaningful exploration of a life interrupted, from an author who deserves your attention. A must read and recommended without reservation!

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Autumn's Child

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