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Shakespeare once wrote that ‘all the world’s a stage’, but if it included active volcanoes then boy, was he dumb. The inhabitants of our present day Earth are blissfully tolerant of other people’s religions, inequalities, sexisms, racisms, sizes; even active volcanoes. We are indubitably-super-duper- to one another and live in a blissful haze, thank god. Alternative universes however are devoid of such loveliness and are brimming with isms - shocking I grant you. There are just too few politically correct people and no telling what’s going to happen next; the odd swear word here, the occasional wolf whistle there... it’s mad I tell you!


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A very British, and wonderfully amusing sci-fi adventure that's guaranteed to win converts from both sides of the pond Basaclanca is an absolute gem! One that brings a refreshingly original perspective to the genre with Purple’s whimsical, quirky sense of humour inducing as many laugh out loud moments as there are pages. With a light-of-touch satire and richly nuanced characterisation, there is dark humour wonderfully interwoven with witty dialogue and these alone are reasons to turn the pages, but the real jewel here is Purple's rapier sharp imagination. Time travel and altered dimensions have rarely been so cleverly deployed in a novel and here Purple has a blast. From invisible cameramen to far-flung reality TV shows, even Shakespeare, the possibilities are endless when you can travel to alternate dimensions.  There’s Bigfoot World and Pillow Fight World  and another where the bards immortal words “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse” take on an altogether literal meaning as Purple takes us on a heady roller coaster with whiplash changes of direction and plenty of tongue in cheek social observations which will solicit more than casual reflection.


Yes, Basaclanca might fall into the category of humorous science fiction but its appeal will likely be far broader and certainly amongst discerning readers who appreciate extraordinary fiction. Simply superb, it is recommended without reservation.


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A Beguiling Blend of Science Fiction and Laugh Out Loud Humour From Charlie Purple  



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