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Skye’s a comic book superhero with a gun in his hand and a gripe against his author. Every girl Skye’s ever dated is either dead or trying to take over the world, and in the series finale, Skye’s best friend kills him. Or so he thinks. The weapon meant to disintegrate Skye lands him in his author’s universe. With a shot at revenge.


Skye, meet Jace. Jacen Howard’s a brilliant #blerd math whiz and comics aficionado–but at his West Baltimore high school that’s a bad thing, and if the bullying isn’t bad enough, Jace’s cop-father regularly pisses off the neighbors. Jace doesn’t see himself as a hero; he’s just trying to survive. But Skye won’t open up when Jace tries to ease him out of PTSD, and the author’s still torturing his friends. As Skye’s mood swings and nightmares escalate, Jace realizes that if he doesn’t uncover his roommate’s real identity soon, Skye will hurt someone–and Skye’s still deciding if murder will save his world, or damn his soul.


Our review......

A superhero origin story with a twist, Becoming Hero proves there is no substitute for an original novel and that’s exactly what Finelli has delivered. Fast paced, stylised and hugely readable the dividing line between fiction and reality becomes heavily blurred as her superheroes come to life. Leaping from the realms of fiction to find themselves in our world with converging plot lines and an edgy full on narrative that rarely falters.  Refreshingly devoid of genre clichés Finelli’s character’s may arrive fully formed and crackling with energy but in Jace and Skye their personal development is crucial to her storyline. Jace’s burgeoning realization that Skye is not what he first appears to be and Skye’s fatalistic view of a world over which he feels he has no control, these elements come crashing together to create a superb story arch which not only entertains but on a broader level leaves much room for reflection and interpretation. Are we ever really in control and can we really change our destiny? Finelli jousts with these questions and more as momentum increases and we find ourselves hurtling towards a cracking denouement.


Highly original, superbly nuanced and well written, fans of the superhero genre will find a genuine gem of a read in Becoming Hero and one which raises high expectations for future releases from Finelli. It is highly recommended.

Jace might be just the hero Skye needs.

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Becoming Hero


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About Jen Finelli


Jen Finelli is a world-traveling award-nominated scifi author who's ridden a motorcycle in a monsoon, escaped being locked in a German nunnery by the sea, discovered beautiful murals and poetry in underground urban caves, explored jungles and coral deserts, and hung out with everyone from dead babies and prostitutes to secretive Senators. She longs for stories that speak truth about the human condition and shine lights on people often hidden in the shadows of modern fiction. She’s a practicing MD, but when she grows up, she’ll be a superhero.


If you want cancer-fighting zombie fiction, dinosaur picture books, scientists jumping into volcanoes, or talking cars and peyote, you might like Jen's stuff at: byjenfinelli.com


Check out her upcoming movie: mysweetaffair.com


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