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After a brief affair with a man that would exit her life as completely as he had entered it, Victoria Agostini makes the heartfelt decision to raise their son Benjamin, alone. Through a dramatic set of events, the boy's special gift leads her back into the life of this man who unknowingly fathered Benjamin, and she is suddenly faced with the complications of this reunion. Wondering whether father and son are mere mortals or something more, her confusion about faith and the complexities of love present difficult questions. Answers are hard earned as she struggles to protect what matters most to her, Benjamin.


An original cross genre page turner, Benjamin is the scintillating debut novel from author  Katheryn Mattingly that is sure to provoke some timely reflection. A contemporary tale that achieves a beguiling balance between religious allegory and the broader devices of a romantic thriller, her prose lend themselves to a memorable narration. Leaving the reader in no doubt that she has given much consideration to how we have come to interpret faith and spirituality in modern times and its prevailing influence on human nature. Compelling and intelligent, her characters are imbued with a timely sense of presence and emotional gravitas, which adds significantly to the plausibility of a plot that is well constructed. Mattingly not only wants to entertain her readers, but encourage them to reflect upon the peculiar circumstances of her characters, whilst her use of universal tropes fuels intrigue and the desire to discover the true origin of Benjamin’s gift.


An excellent debut, by any stretch of the imagination, Benjamin will ensure much interest in Kathryn Mattingly and certainly bodes well for her future realeases. Deserving of your consideration, it is highly recommended.

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