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In 1980, recent art history graduate Katerina Steiner sets out for Europe to reconnect with her only living relatives since the tragic death of her parents the previous year. Stopping first in Paris, she catches the eye of another foreign tourist while visiting the Louvre -a handsome businessman from Sur Baja, Mexico. After a brief romantic encounter in the City of Light, Katerina eventually returns home to find her former college beau is hoping to recapture her attention, having being apart for a year. How will she choose between one with whom she has fond history, and one whom she wants to know better because of their recent history?


Heart-warming and beguiling, Beso Dulce is the new romantic novel from author Rayanne Sinclair. A fine second novel that explores the complexities of the heart, Sinclair continues to develop her literary prowess in a novel that captures the best elements of this ever popular genre. It’s a torn tale that makes much of inner conflict and misunderstanding, with Sinclair ably capturing the confusion of a girl on the cusp of adulthood. The angst of a young heart caught between two loves, each complementing different aspects of her personality and completing her in different ways. Undoubtedly, readers will have their favourite beau, but Sinclair does well to maintain suspense and keep them constantly wondering how her delightful love triangle will resolve itself. Yes, romance is the main focus of her book, but from Paris to Sur Baja, the coming of age undertones are undeniably present and are sure to keep emotions on the boil.


A beautifully written and enthralling read throughout, Beso Dulce is sure to find favour with fans of Rayanne Sinclair and is certainly deserving of a place on your bookshelf. It is highly recommended!

Author Rayanne Sinclair - In The Spotlight

Beso Dulce

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