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Sara and her new husband have moved to Northern California since their previous experience with the San Mirado nuclear catastrophe. She is part of a woman's charity group raising money to send to the Children's Charity in Japan benefiting nuclear victims. The United Nations decrees that an independent team will be sent to Japan to evaluate the ongoing situation in Fukushima. The nuclear power plant accident is over two years old and threatens the world. Bryce Anderson's company in southern California is selected. He finds that he is not welcomed with open arms by the country of Japan. The Yakuza, also known as Japanese mafia, have money invested in the now ruined nuclear plants. They are making demands and threats as lives become intertwined and betrayal is rife. Who would you trust?


A powerful and intriguing read throughout, #Betrayal is the timely sequel to The Nuclear Catastrophe by author Barbara Billig and it's sure to engender some serious reflection. Benefiting from meticulous research, Billig has penned an enthralling plot that invokes much thought, its intricacies demanding a slow read to truly absorb its thematic undertones. A theme which debunks and ultimately serves as a damning indictment on commonly held beliefs which continue to endorse the proliferation of nuclear energy. Weaving multiple perspectives throughout her plot, this is a novel that is refreshingly devoid of trite comment and genuinely seeks to not only entertain, but enlighten. In light of events in recent years, the once unbelievable now seems tantalizingly plausible and Billig does well to bring this to the fore. Yes there will be cynics, but fiction that challenges will always attract derisory critiques.


A tremendously thought provoking read, #Betrayal is sure to win author Barbara Billig a host of enthusiastic followers and  is strongly recommended.

Author Barbara Billig - In The Spotlight


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