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Columbus Cove has the quaint feeling of seclusion from not only the outside world but, practically, from time itself. On the outskirts of the town resides the Texas-born tyrant, Steven Harrigan, a ruthless, take-no-prisoners opportunist. He is a total contrast to his surroundings of this sleepy little Cove and the only true source of irritation of its inhabitants. This tight-knit community has enjoyed being safeguarded from the harshness of the world, until suspicion and doubt creep into the minds of the community as the unthinkable rocks this little town-one of their own is accused of murder. Despite its sanctuary, it would seem there are more secrets that lie beneath the unpaved roads of Columbus Cove.


Murder makes for a dark perspective in Between the Shades of Light and Dark, the aptly titled new novel from author Kathleen Lopez.  An intriguing read that shuns the bright lights of a sprawling metropolitan setting and typically overwrought detectives, Lopez simply delivers a cracking narrative that requires dexterity of thought. It’s an absorbing plot she’s woven and she does well to choose a small town setting, creating a beguiling sense of familiarity which adds contrast to the revelations bubbling beneath the veneer of everyday life. A sense she ably captures in authentic characters and well observed dialogue as suspense mounts and timely clues are revealed. The drama is well pitched and the favoured devices of murder and mystery are abundant, but Between the Shades of Light and Dark is certainly not your typical genre offering. With momentum building throughout and enough twists and turns to keep readers speculating on an ominous denouement, there is an underlying edginess that proves genuinely satisfying.


An alluring and compelling read that is certainly deserving of your attention, Between the Shades of Light and Dark bodes well for future releases from Kathleen Lopez and is definitely recommended.

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Between The Shades Of Light And Dark

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