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The pain that registered on her face at his words nearly sent him sprawling to the straw. His body shook, not only with the cold that had overtaken his healing torso but with fear, anguish and the battle with himself to take back the words, to gather her into his arms and say he was sorry and he would never let go. But, she needed to heal and she needed to move on with her life, such as it would be. And, though she may never forget, one day they would stop making her watch his death, witness the tortures. She would have children and a life, a family of her own. Something she could never have with a 'sacrificial pawn,' as he saw himself.

“It’s time for you to go, Meirah, and never come back.”


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A luminous and irresistible Paranormal Fantasy novel, Beyond Every Mirror, does something quite rare and manages to make something altogether new from familiar pickings. Smartly plotted, it’s fair to say that in writing Temporal Fantasy authors can make up the rules of temporal travel as they go along, but whatever they are they have to go beyond plot eccentricities to add a tangible dimension to a story and that’s exactly what Church does. Blending the best elements of Paranormal Fantasy and Science Fiction she tells her story on a broad canvas, with lots of wonderfully idiosyncratic characters, disparate pockets of high adventure and a masterfully woven plot. Dane and Meriarh are scintillating and devoid of the cliché typically found in Paranormal Romance Books with Church leaving them room to grow. These alone are reasons to pick it up and start reading but ultimately it is Church's ability to spin an engrossing tale of heroism and Supernatural Romance which is her novels prime virtue. She creates a living, breathing, dimension that fits well with the characters she’s created and without relying on genre tropes. Where the stakes are high but all the strands of her plot come together to deliver a cracking denouement.


A superb start to a new Paranormal Romance series that has the makings of something quite special, Beyond Every Mirror

is recommended without reservation.

An Exceptional Time Dimension Paranormal Romance From Christine Church

Beyond Every Mirror - (Anachronistic Dimensions Book 1)


How Many Times Would You Die For Love?

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Writing has always been in Christine Church's blood. At age 9, she would write picture books (about horses of course), tape them together (too young for staples??) and even give them a publishing house name (Church Books; what else?). Since 1992, Church has been writing and publishing articles and stories. Her first book, House Cat (non-fiction) was traditionally published whilst her book Indoor Cats won the 2001 Iams Responsible Cat Ownership Award.


After years of being traditionally published, Ms. Church made the decision to self-publish a novella; introducing a brand new, conceptual and innovative vampire series in a way never before done. That book (Book One, Sands of Time, Fate of the True Vampires series) received a Finalist Medal in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Book Two is also out. Book Three is on the horizon. Book One of a brand new series (The Anachronistic Dimensions Trilogy), Beyond Every Mirror is getting rave reviews for plot, characterization, formatting and cover design. Book Two in the series will be out in 2017.

Christine Church Inside Moves Love, Loss and Awakening antioch-ness