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The book......

Responsibility doesn’t sit well on Pete’s shoulders, but when his boss goes AWOL, the cowboy has no choice. Thank Heavens for his delectable-but-unavailable partner, Andrea. Her calm support against their new CO, the misogynistic R.Soul, is all that stands between him and an insubordination charge. In the aftermath of a factory raided by Middle-Eastern terrorists and her attempted rape, Andrea is grateful for her psychology training. But nothing could prepare her for the discovery her best friend is a traitor.

Her burgeoning attraction to Pete is sabotaged as they’re pitted against subterfuge, an unexploded bomb and a psychopathic beast intent on tearing the squad apart. This mission has the stench of big-bad all over it. Time to go hunting wolf.


Our review......

Book three in the 'Hostage' series by Rowanna Green and Big Bad Wolf proves as good as the first! Anyone who can finish specialist military training is the calibre of person that many can only wish to be and Greens eclectic blend of characters are the unsung heroes who work in the shadows. They’re the men and women who find themselves in situations that require a certain finesse and have to overcome odds that most couldn't even begin to think about. Needless to say the excitement rarely wanes with an intense mission and explosive results setting the tone from the very first page. There are few writers whose voice is distinct enough as to be immediately recognizable, but Green is one of them. She delivers storylines which are uniformly solid whilst managing to keep her readers somewhat off-kilter, taking a seemingly impish delight in delivering plenty of surprises along the way, whilst an edgy narrative maintains an overall sense of suspense and heightened tension. All good reasons to pick up a copy and start reading, but where Big Bad Wolf scores over it prequels is in its character development. Every book in the series finds a new element of their lives to explore, both personally and professionally, but this time around there’s a greater sense of inner conflict that seems more nihilistic and this leaves a lasting impact we can sense and feel.


Another winner for Rowanna Green, Big Bad Wolf takes the series to yet another level. An absolute must read for fans of the genre, especially those who appreciate great writing and originality. It is recommended without reservation!

Author  Rowanna Green - In The Spotlight

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