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'Like an unborn baby, she lay there, eyes shut tight, in the amniotic-like fluid, as a lone, undulating voice started singing a haunting but soothing lullaby.'


Against the backdrop of a breathtaking and timeless corner of Botswana, a serial killer is on the loose; someone or something is beheading bar girls. The first victim is Sergeant Duski Lôcha’s wayward twin sister, Pinki Lôcha. The killer is now after her daughter, five year old Flora, the only possible witness to her murder. Disregarding her allegiance to the Zion Christian Church, Duski must turn, once more, to the dark side for help. To track down her sister’s killer and to protect Flora, she must to enter the killer’s world – the dark, surreal and ominous world of voodoo, putting not only her life at risk, but her sanity too.


Murder and the darkest of hearts make for an exhilarating read in Dark Cloud Rider, the second novel from crime fiction author B K Knight. An enthralling read that again plays out against a vivid Botswanian backdrop, Knight tells a riveting tale that requires dexterity of thought as Duski once more turns to the darker side of faith in pursuit of answers. An ill-omened and daunting world through which Knight creates the sense of legitimacy and urgency that pervades her pages. Populated with a host of vividly drawn characters it’s not a tale for the faint hearted with Knight notably retaining that often elusive balance between tension and suspense, as clues are revealed. Not to be given freely, but designed to keep readers guessing to the end, as several narrative threads come together. She sets out to keep you on tenterhooks throughout and she achieves it with admirable ease to deliver an addictive read.


Intriguing and absolutely original, Black Cloud Rider is a superb sequel to A Nest Of Voodoo Dolls and is sure to further build an enthusiast following for author B K Knight. It is highly recommended!

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Black Cloud Rider

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Black Cloud Rider

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