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Bingham Tyler is a PSYCHOPATH....

Bingham Tyler wants Jim Kingsfield DEAD...

Bingham Tyler seeks his REVENGE....


In 1994 a woman is found stabbed to death on a Northampton council estate by probationary PC Jim Kingsfield - his first murder.


Eighteen years later, Detective Inspector Jim Kingsfield, now married to forensic pathologist Kirsty, is unaware that he and his wife are being targeted by Bingham who's lust for revenge will have explosive and life changing consequences for them all.


Jake Jordan is a traffic cop thrown into this revenge fuelled mix, putting his job to the test while his marriage falls apart.


In the tradition of noir crime fiction, Blind Murder is the debut novel from author Stephen G Collier. An intense and graphic offering, Collier adds his own twist to a tried and tested formula that shamelessly echoes the best elements of this ever popular genre. Undeniably unsettling at times, but ultimately entertaining, it isn’t for the faint hearted and fans of the genre will lap it up as Collier leads them through a shadowy and gritty maze of backdrops where menace prevails at every turn. A former police officer, readers should expect a sense of authenticity and they won’t be disappointed, but characterization is Colliers foremost forte. With protagonist and antagonist, he renders driven and believable personas underpinned by well nuanced dialogue, which leaves both looming large and memorable as his narrative gathers forward momentum. Underpinned by an intriguing plot, he isn’t quick to give his denouement away, with enough unexpected twists to sate the most ardent of armchair detectives.


Powerful and entertaining, Blind Murder makes a fitting debut with the promise of more good things to come, from author Stephen G Collier. A recommended read, it certainly deserves your attention and a place on your bookshelf.

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Blind Murder

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