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The End of the World & Why Best-selling Authors Are Making Money Out Of Predicting It!

By John Reese, May 22 2019 11:44AM

Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction continues to grow in popularity with both traditional publishing houses and the rising stars of indie publishing quick to meet our needs with an ever-expanding list of Armageddon centric novels. Authors like Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King and George R Stewart readily spring to mind as stalwarts of the science fiction subgenre with a host of other notable bestsellers alerting us to the imminent apocalypse, but today's emerging authors seem to be delivering an altogether new and terrifyingly closer portent of the end to humanity.

Of course, Doomsayers have been imagining the end of the world since it began and every generation has its prophets who would have us believe the end is somewhere around the next corner. The specifics as to what will ultimately be our undoing have invariably proved elusive, but nuclear war, meteor impact and alien invasion have long been hot favourites for readers across the globe. Yet whilst Philip K Dick and countless others have explored the post-nuclear holocaust scenario to disquieting and haunting effect the impact of global environmental changes and viral mutations are gathering momentum amongst a growing legion of enthusiastic readers. Authors are more connected to world events than ever before. Our macabre fascination with wide-scale destruction is reflected in relentless news cycles and instant updates through social media megaliths like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp who universally and indiscriminately amplify our greatest fears. Yes, Doomsayers come and go but their predictions have always seemed within our control. Governments can step back from the brink of war but predictions of apocalyptic endings brought about by a virus or global environmental changes are something entirely different. Let's not forget that Dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth long before mankind built its vast nuclear arsenals!

The fact is that the numerous threats to our existence, albeit at a subliminal level, are constantly in our thoughts. Today’s authors are more connected to world events than ever before. They are taking real happenings and simply following a nightmare trajectory and one author who has this down to a fine art is international bestseller, Kate Morris. Her best selling series The McClane Apocalypse has built her an enthusiastic following and her latest release Apokalypsis is sure to win her a host of new fans. You can read our review HERE.

Morris may not think of herself as the next Nostradamus or anything like that but like other contemporary Apocalyptic authors of note, her fiction not only makes a statement it taps into universal anxieties. At the end of the day, prediction is no more than a forecast made by those who consider possibilities for the subject involved, weigh the odds and suggest a likely outcome. So are authors predicting the end of the world? Absolutely but as with all predictions only time will tell.

We would love to know who your favourite Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction author is and how likely you think their ‘predictions’ are and as always we hope our latest post has created a spark of reflection.

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