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The Rise In Popularity Of Religious Non-fiction Books

By John Reese, Jul 16 2018 06:43AM

The religious book market continues to see year on year growth, which certainly indicates a surge of public interest in what has historically been a minority genre and with congregations around the world increasingly engaging in communal discernment it’s a trend that seems set to continue.

With Christian authors, there is a distinct and unique difference in the message and values they share through their written work. and for many, there is either a special reason to write or a significant life influence that guides their hand whilst those who read religious, spiritual or inspirational books want reads that provide them with genuine insight. How to meet the challenges they might find themselves facing or how to further embrace their beliefs and as authors, Christians bring a unique perspective to the written word because of what and who they believe in.

However, as with all genres that enjoy a surge in popularity it’s often hard to single out the dross and charlatans from the genuine gems. Attractive covers and polished marketing copy doesn’t cut it when there is little of substance to be found inside. Religious readers are looking for authentic authors who are willing to share what they have learned from their mistakes and experiences, how they arrived at their choices, and how they have grown and were transformed by their beliefs and devotion to God. On many levels, the accounts and stories are universal reflections on such things as rites of passage or dealing with pivotal events but invariably readers are looking for what made it possible for the author to grow, change and become a stronger and better person.

Unfortunately, in western commentary religion is often overcomplicated and this is something authors writing in the religious genre should remain cognizant of. Their words must first and foremost be accessible and one author who is doing this is Horace Williams Jr. with his debut release Unleash the Power of Prayer in your Life. Recounting his story from a stroke survivor to an Award-winning author you can find our review HERE.

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