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Scintilating Paranormal Fantasy From Author Reza Ali

Blood of your Blood


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Fifteenth Century England, the knights of King Henry face a brutal war. By day – they fight a violent rebellion, by night – they fight a surreptitious war with a clan of vampires that infiltrated their society.


In this dark and savage world, there lives a brave knight. He is the most skillful fighter and the most courageous knight in all the land. But then his world turns on its head when he meets a beautiful princess that is hunted by an evil adversary. He vows to protect her, but she has a dark secret. Within her secret, lies a mysterious world, a world that holds the answers to his past, a world that foretells of his extraordinary destiny.


Our review......

It’s always a real pleasure to come across a book that is unashamedly different and you know from the start that Blood Of Your Blood is just that. Easily navigating the more pedestrian offerings in the Fantasy Genre Ali weaves a tale that will not only entertain but will quickly have you perched on the edge of your seat. Delivering a heady mix of romance, action and the paranormal that eschews well-worn clichés, it is clever in concept and delivered with unabashed flair. With an intricate plot that nimbly enthrals the imagination his characters are deftly drawn, substantive and vivid as he steers away from stoic stereotypes whilst action is well paced and narrative twists are nicely pitched. Transporting us back to a darker age his characters are well conceived and come together to convincingly capture the tenor of time and place. There is certainly a lot to like about Ali’s debut but what sets it apart is his style of writing. Wholly immersive, he demands your attention and you know from the very start that he’s writing in a genre with which he has a particular affinity.


A must read for the summer months ahead and the potential start of an exciting new Paranormal Fantasy series, Blood Of Your Blood is highly recommended.

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Vampire romance is back (in time)!

Blood Of Your Blood A Season For Dying