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Everyone is looking for that extra boost that propels them when they feel like quitting. It's the extra boost that turns losing teams into winners. Some find an extra boost in sports drinks, energy pills, etc. to sustain them when their level of effort is literally empty or on "E." In this remarkable, compelling memoir, author Horace Crenshaw Jr. tells his story of being a commander that was put in charge of an Army Reserve Petroleum Unit during the initial months of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His unit was cobbled together at the last minute from six states that never trained together. However, under mind-boggling parameters, they were able to participate in the greatest distribution, storage, and receipt of petroleum/fuel in the history of modern warfare.


Offering an interesting and compelling depiction of an often neglected discipline of modern warfare, Blowing Sandstorm by Horace Crenshaw Jr. will certainly open your eyes to the logistical challenges faced in the modern combat arena.  A relatively quick read; the narrative is well-constructed and whilst there is the obligatory military jargon it's very clearly explained so that civilian readers are made to feel part of unfolding events.  In real time reporting from theatres of combat, the complexity and danger inherent in supplying forward areas is often overshadowed by the emphasis on the battlefield from an infantry perspective and whilst the critical role of infantry in warfighting can never be over stated, the logistics officer's place in supporting those who take on that role is highly harrowing as well and it’s this that Crenshaw Jr brings to the fore. By combining personal insight and experience, he clearly illustrates what can be achieved through good training, commitment to excellence and dedication to the wellbeing of others in addition to the scope of planning, management, flexibility, innovation and improvisation required to secure a supply chain in a hostile and unforgiving environment.


A highly informative and satisfying read from Horace Crenshaw Jr., Blowing Sandstorm will appeal to  ex military and civilian readers alike. Certainly deserving of  your attention it is definetly recommended.

Author  Horace Crenshaw JR. - In The Spotlight

Blowing Sandstorm

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