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"How far would you go, sacrificing your love and happiness, just to honour a commitment? How far would you go, continuously punishing yourself, just free yourself of guilt? How far would you go, constantly lying to yourself, just so you can achieve dreams that aren't even yours?


Set in the urban milieu of the modern corporate world, these stories are about people who are often at crossroads making choices between values, beliefs, obligations, and convictions. But who, like most of us, ultimately deal with life with supreme tenacity, strength and courage. Because in the end, it will be BUSINESS AS USUAL."


Our Review......

A highly engaging and emotional read, Business as Usual is the new release from motivational author Deepak Chawla. A timely collection of fables, the premise behind Chawla’s book is intriguing, particularly given that interest in similar works has waned considerably in recent years. In the main this is because the lessons of many authors overwhelm their narratives leading to mediocre stories that fail to engage. Chawla proves to be the exception. His stories fully convey the emotional and psychological factors that complicate our work and personal lives, while also imparting practical lessons about how to achieve greater balance and success. With the demands of business becoming ever more complicated, uncertain, disruptive, and competitive, the power of Chawla’s words come from his ability to articulate the impact of the choices we make when they fail to align with our underlying values, beliefs and aspirations. Each of Chawla’s tales offers differing perspectives, but by staying true to fictions cardinal rule of show not tell, he achieves what many authors fail to do and makes each one highly relatable.


The genre may have passed its apogee, but Business As Usual proves there are still hidden gems to be found. Definitely deserving of your attention and certain to inspire much reflection, it is recommended without reservation.

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Business As Usual

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