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After one failed relationship too many, Gale Marsden has finally decided that she will most likely end up alone. However, through a turn of events that includes her meddling best friend, a simple encounter with a handsome stranger will turn Gale’s entire world topsy turvy. As Gale’s new relationship grows, she discovers secrets about her life that shift her existence in epic proportions.


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With an overwhelming deluge of novels dedicated to supernatural romance it is becoming increasingly harder for new novels to stand, but in Call from the Willow, Kanise Marshall has taken a well-worn story arc and made it her own. A beguiling tale of lives supernaturally bound she introduces us to Gale and Dane who are both Felidae and in doing so opens up a hidden world that draws us in. Yes there is the obligatory romantic tension, secrets to be revealed and the much-loved tropes of the genre are certainly evident, but Marshall adds her own unique and enthralling signature to the mix. Shamelessly toting a host of adorable characters that are sure to win your heart, Marshall’s plot is not overly intricate, but it’s easy to immerse yourself in the flow of her tale, whilst the feline alter egos of her characters are cleverly conceptualized and makes for memorable moments between her two leads. An entertaining read that is unpredictable without being overly complicated, there is plenty here to sate the needs of supernatural romance fans whilst likely having a broader spectrum of appeal beyond its genre


A highly enjoyable debut and one that bodes well for future releases from Kanise Marshall, Call From The Willow is definitely recommended!

A Supernatural Romance Novel From The Pen Of Kanise Marshall

Call from the Willow

Supernatural romance fans are in for a treat!

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Kanise Marshall resides in Virginia with her daughter, husband, and small horde of animals. She enjoys writing poetry, romantic and supernatural fiction, and performing spoken word. Many of her poetry and spoken word pieces draw from her spirituality and her perspective on infertility. Kanise holds a BA in English from the University of Mary Washington and an MBA in Risk Management from Walden University. When Kanise is not writing her own works of fiction, she works to develop other writers through her business Writeportunity Consulting, LLC at www.writeportunity.com.



Kanise Marshall

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