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Pomeroy, a towering street musician on parole, is out

of the clink for the upteenth time and wants to

become another Bob Dylan. 

With fame and fortune in mind, he heads to Occupy Oakland, hoping to get on television, attract an agent, and score a million dollar contract for Ants in My Pants, his marathon ditty. Pomeroy is a skirmish-loving, dumpster-diving, narcissistic crazy who thinks he can sing like Pavarotti and that all women want to jump his bones. His parole officer, a street-smart Hispanic woman, tells Pomeroy to quit looking at her alligator pumps and to get himself a real plan. But Pomeroy has schemes of his own and more wisdom than we’d like to admit. You may find his egocentric opinions politically incorrect. (“There ain’t a dyke alive ol’ Pomeroy can’t turn straight.”) You may find yourself laughing when you shouldn’t. (“A good strong piss is better ’an sex. Lasts longer too.”). But don’t blame yourself if you start rooting for this anti-hero. You’ll have lots of company. (Note: Adult language and situations).


Our review......

Bringing a refreshingly original perspective to an old cliché, narcissism and delusion make for an outrageous read in Call Me Pomeroy by author James Hanna. Driven by a skewed sense of optimism, this is no fusty rendering of man pursuing fame and fortune with superfluous optimism, but a heady rollercoaster of a trip with Hanna cleverly orchestrating whiplash changes of mood and unexpected direction in a taut, superbly observed plot. Unashamedly egocentric and politically indelicate, Pomeroy has a disquieting edge that rarely feels deliberate. His character is undeniably parodic, but with an acerbic pen and deft dialogue this is Hanna capturing life at its unscripted best. A tale that goes beyond the longing and self-delusion that seems to typify Pomeroy’s testosterone fuelled life and often belies the sophistication of Hanna’s narrative. It’s wonderfully glib at times, but Hanna’s dialogue is always spot on which in turn lends his particular brand of humour a decidedly laconic edge.


Original, witty and shrewdly contemplative, Call Me Pomeroy certainly breaks the anti-hero mould.  One of those books you will want to talk about, it marks a notable release for author James Hanna and is definitely recommended!

Call Me Pomeroy

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