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June, 2110. A serial killer strikes the populace of the City of Chicago. The first victim is a wanted man by Detective Frank Campanelli’s Sentinel Division. His body had been mutilated and, from the evidence uncovered by forensic genius, H. Lincoln Rothgery, it has been partially consumed. The unknown invader leaves a trail of corpses behind in short order, including that of a homicide detective.


To add to the mystery, the DNA evidence retrieved from a stolen vehicle indicates that the killer is former military, but special encoding prevents the murderer from being identified. Frank’s partner, Marcus Williams, seems to know more about what’s going on than he lets on, until the former Navy SEAL calls in a friend from the FBI to help. As “The Nighthunter” instills terror and brings Chicago to s atndstill,   Campanelli, Williams, and the agent must work to capture the enigmatic and frighteningly efficient cannibal.


Our review......

Original and exciting, for readers seeking a Science Fiction Thriller to stir the imagination, Campanelli: Siege of the Nighthunter certainly fits the bill. Weaving an intriguing and involving narrative, Crook imagines a Chicago of the future framed in startling moments which extend existing genre trends, but also takes a leap into the unknown. With elements of our present and past combined, Crooks Chicago is a city of shadows that teases our imaginations, creating the perfect noir backdrop for Campanelli and Rothgery who transcend caricature to work on our minds and emotions. With characters established Crook weaves a plot that plays to the best in genre, spinning it with a level of clarity that leaves us in no doubt what he wants us to think, suspect and know. On this level it's heavy on melodrama, drawing us into events that compel us to dwell on the outcome, but he always finds the right balance between show and tell, with a fine eye for detail when the setting demands it.


A compelling and entertaining read that's sure to be well received by fans of this ever popular genre and beyond,  Campanelli: Siege of the Nighthunter is highly recommended.

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“The Nighthunter”, as the media has labeled him, instills terror and virtually shuts down Chicago.


Campanelli: Siege of the Nighthunter

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