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While doing research on chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, Elaine Marie Graham realized she had gathered a lot of information that could be used in any health situation. Her wish is to share this research in hopes of helping anyone dealing with a health challenge. She started writing a blog in March of 2011 with the hope of sharing this research. She realized that it could be even more beneficial to write a book with practical tips and discoveries. This is her gift to all who have walked in the darkness or shadow of a disabling condition.


Our review......

Exceedingly practical and readable, Canaries In The Coal Mine is the debut release by Elaine Marie Graham. An insightful compendium of research and reflection that integrates personal and scientific perspectives on how we might better face the consequences and uncertainly of life changing health concerns.  An enlightening read prompted by Grahams own research into fatigue/fibromyalgia and the broader scope of auto-immune conditions she provides a genuine resource that contributes to ongoing debate whilst offering insight that debunks the myth of ‘environmental illnesses’.  Drawing upon significant research, Graham’s personal convictions are clear, challenging conventional thinking whilst providing a concise guide to overcoming chronic and debilitating illnesses that have often thought to be a product of our imaginations. Thankfully, much has changed in recent years with these misconceptions widely dispelled. There’s still much unknown, but Graham’s own passion demonstrates how people can positively impact their symptoms with informed lifestyle changes and nutritional support to improve overall quality of life.


Well written, insightful and a source of hope for many readers, Canaries In The Coal Mine is strongly recommended.

Author  Elaine Marie Graham - In The Spotlight

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Canaries In The Coal Mine

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