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When seventeen-year-old Cathy Lomax falls from a table at a Walker Brothers concert, into the arms of biker Gianni Kandola, the safe, secure future she'd planned for herself is about to change. Gianni's estranged father is the owner of Kandola's Fair and a Wall of Death rider. Gianni hopes one day to follow in his father's footsteps, but first bridges need to be built and family relationships are put to the test!


Vibrant and compelling, author Pam Howes brandishes her pen with unabashed flair as she effortlessly captures the essence of the swinging sixties in her novel Cathy's Clown. Admirably declining to serve up an archetypal romance in favour of a rather more genuine tale that explores the veracities of love, family and calamity during a period of turbulent change. Yes, it's ultimately a tale of young love against all the odds, yes the sights and sounds of the era are meticulously observed, but there is a deeper exploration of hope and expectation that permeates throughout and elevates this curiously timeless tale to a class of its own, engendering an authenticity more often absent in lesser works. Intrinsically woven into the fabric of the plot Howes masterfully navigates, the characters she portrays and the distinct voices she gives to each.


Wonderfully rendered in timely prose, Cathy's Clown is an exquisite rendition of a bygone era that many will find enthralling and without question attract many new fans to the inspired novels of Pam Howes. Recommended without reservation.

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Cathy's Clown

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