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Samuel Buckland is a young man who has it all – a great job, nice car, and prospects for the future. Gregory Caitlin is a businessman who specializes in designing the next generation of technology and he’s running for Governor of California, but when the two cross paths, even the angels tremble. An archangel has been taken from Heaven, and a sorcerer is using her power to steal knowledge directly from the Godhead. Sam must overcome his lack of faith and accept his destiny as heir to the magic of King Solomon, or the balance between Heaven and Hell will be destroyed forever.


There is a emergent propensity for weaving the elements of magic with biblical reference and author Jason P. Crawford does this with admirable flair in his new novel, Chains Of Prophecy. A confident and delightfully imaginative telling, Crawford takes the aged confrontation between good and evil and looks not to the extremes, but the prevailing void between and the dictates of good conscience that ultimately define right and wrong. It’s a theme that pervades throughout his narrative, encouraging introspection and drawing his readers into an intricate and well-conceived plot with a profoundly modern twist on magical lore. It’s compelling, his protagonists Samuel Buckland and Gregory Caitlin abjuring the more mundane adversarial roles, which makes them markedly more intriguing.


Yes, Chains Of Prophecy serves up a veritable fan fest for readers enamoured by the darker dealings of fantasy, but there is substantial depth within its pages which will find favour with many, and much interest in future novels from author Jason P. Crawford. It is strongly recommended.

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Chains Of Prophecy

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